USA to Eternally Occupy Another Country

Rex Tillerson on Wednesday informed the public that the United States has the intention to stay in the Middle Eastern nation of Syria for a longer period of time. It’s not known exactly when the United States military is actually going to depart the country. The goal in staying in Syria is to battle terrorist organizations. It’s also to go against the increasing sway Iran has on Syria. It’s even to take down the head of the nation, Bashar al-Assad.

The Secretary of State’s words were extremely straightforward. No other President Trump team member had given the American people as much clarity regarding the subject before. People before that were relatively “in the dark” about the United States and its overall Syria objectives. Tillerson’s statements were particularly impactful when compared to Trump’s previous comments. Trump has in the past stated time and time again that he wanted to help get the United States out of the problematic situation in the vast Muslim universe. When Trump was campaigning for the Presidency, he discussed that concept on a frequent basis. He expressed that he wanted to keep the United States out of those affairs in the future.

Tillerson was at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University located in Stanford, California. That was where he made these comments. He indicated that Trump’s team is not going to make the same exact blunder President Obama did before. He believes that Obama’s mistake was in getting American troops out of Iraq. That was a mistake due to the fact that they had to return to the nation at a later time in order to battle the in-depth terrorist network that was set up by the Islamic state.

Tillerson stated that it’s crucial for the United States to avoid committing the same faults that it did all the way back in 2011. He was talking to an audience that consisted of both George Shultz and Condoleezza Rice. Both of these individuals served as Secretaries of State in the past. Tillerson said that the Islamic state had the ability to cause additional and intense destruction after the United States had left. He said that other problematic terrorist organizations had the ability to do the same thing.

The Secretary of State protected President Trump’s Middle East approach. He had nothing negative to say about it. He said that Trump’s administration has youth on its side and that it has time necessary to resolve things. He said that the administration caused severe Islamic State harm. The Islamic State, as a result, has markedly less territory. Its control in both Syria and Iraq just isn’t as extensive as it was in the past.

President Trump has given his “OK” to efforts that aim to rapidly attain outcomes. He’s provided all of his military commanders with the ability to do more in the battle against the terrorist team as well. Tillerson indicated that he guesses that millions and millions of Iraqis and Syrians have attained liberation.