TVs That Spy on You

CIA has been able to hack in to Samsung smart TVs

The infamous Wikileaks contributor has unveiled a new story to the readership. A recent information dump has revealed some information about the CIA. The agency may have turned Smart TVs in to listening devices to spy on the population. A report shows that the CIA has been able to hack in to Samsung smart TVs at will. It is possible for the agency to exploit the information gathered from these hacked TVs. Note that these TVs have a built-in microphone installed directly in to the frame. Read the report and understand the controversy behind how Wikileaks has opted to get involved.

In-person hacks are a matter of debate in the community. A tainted USB drive could be at fault for an initial security breach. Surprisingly, these Samsung smart TVs have been the target of a wave of attacks. Hackers have identified a target and will pursue whenever possible for the client. The CIA has joined in the fray and have learned many tidbits of information. The included network connection is susceptible to a range of hacking attempts. That could put owners at risk when they try to install their television. The program selection must be monitored to check for effectiveness.

Wikileaks has questioned why the CIA would be involved in these hacking efforts. TVs that spy on you are considerably challenging for the average viewer. Most owners want to simply unwind while they watch their favorite show. The CIA’s interference has made waves in the security community. Many have seen the action as a breach of trust for the everyday consumer. Citizens deserve the right to know what their government is doing. The hacking action represents a clandestine act that is hard to trace. TVs that spy on you are a relatively new concept. Consumers should take steps to learn more about the CIA’s motives.

Malware is to blame for the initial hacking efforts. Somehow, that malware found its way in to several Samsung television units. Once the malware is inside the television, it could relay audio data to third party sources. That exploit was the focus of the Wikileaks report released to readers. Get to know the public debate surrounding the release of the malware virus. Informed readers may then leave comments and suggest options that citizens could take here. The CIA has issued limited statements regarding these efforts. The story is relatively new, but could have implications for owners.