Trump’s Yemen Intervention

Here we go again

President Donald Trump has many foreign policy challenges during his tenure. Expect the leader to take charge in a number of Middle East affairs. A Saudi-led intervention has expanded in to the nation of Yemen. The pressure is on the United States to conduct some sort of operation. President Donald Trump has suggested that a military intervention is appropriate. He is the commander-in-chief and has worked to established authority in the region. A strong military presence could be the decisive blow that could topple a Yemeni regime in the area. That dilemma has caught the attention of the media and other respected professionals. But there are dissenters who don’t agree with the idea. The United States is already embroiled in several Middle East conflicts. But President Donald Trump would argue that U.S. interests are at stake.

The United States has long held relations with Saudi Arabi. Its government and royalty work with the United States to resolve issues in the region. A disagreement could put that relationship at risk going forward. America’s top military commanders have commented on the situation itself. The United States has interests in Yemen and wants to maintain ties for a while. Both military and diplomatic considerations are at stake here. Leaders will voice their opinion and secure support before they proceed. As expected, there is also opposition to the Yemen military conflict. Elected leaders are ready to oppose President Donald Trump’s plan to intervene.

Four United States Senators have expressed disapproval regarding the military conflict. They enacted legislation that may limit arms sales to Riyadh. That may deter U.S. military entrance in the Yemen conflict. Around 55 House members have also issued a stern warning to President Donald Trump. That presents a significant problem for the executive office. President Donald Trump has to secure congressional approval before a U.S. intervention may begin. He will need to build allies in Congress who will approve of such a plan. That will keep political alliances shifting in the capital. Look for news reports to emerge on discussions that are taking place regarding Yemen.

President Donald Trump is considering a new move in the country. He may request assistance to take a strategic port in Yemen. That could disrupt trade and affairs within the country. Such military moves have been successful in the past. The office would like to remind its supporters of the facts. The port has been held by rebels in Yemen for some time now. That makes the target a vital interest for the U.S. military. Diplomatic efforts in Yemen are likely to fail and the Saudis may not achieve their own objectives. Concerns include civilian safety and deprivation of food during any given military intervention.