Trumps Wants a Ghostbuster To Be a Federal Judge

This is an outrage, if any ghostbuster is going to be nominated to be a fed judge it has to be Bill Murray!!! He is the only one who can trusted!

President Donald Trump’s nomination of Brett J. Talley to the Federal District Court is one of the more shocking in U.S. history. It seems that Mr. Talley, who is still awaiting Senate confirmation, has a pretty light resume to say the least.

It only took a little bit of digging by many reputable news organizations to find that Talley was scrutinized by the American Bar Association as unqualified, and he failed to disclose that fact that he is married to a White House lawyer on his federal documents. Undoubtedly, an oversight on his behalf.

But even more bizarre is the fact that Talley spend a great deal of time investigating ghosts and paranormal research. The hobby was revealed by reporters for The Daily Beast, who discovered it on his Senate Judicial Questionnaire. According to the paperwork, Talley claims he was part of the Tuscaloosa Paranormal Research Group from 2009-2010.

The group does pretty much what paranormal investigators are known for: provide evidence or debunk claims of paranormal activity.

The Tuscaloosa Paranormal Research Group founder Dave Higdon says he doesn’t know Talley and doesn’t recall ever working with him.

“We basically set up in homes or businesses all night and see if we can find evidence of the paranormal,” said Higdon. “Our group just tries to debunk what is happening.”

Talley has written a book on the paranormal and received a bit of acclaim for it, according to the Daily Beast.

However, people are still attempting to understand why Donald Trump would nominate an individual with so little experience. Although he is a Harvard educated lawyer, the 36-year-old right-wing blogger is hardly fit to serve as a Federal District Judge.

In a 2014 interview with the Washington Post, while working as Rob Portman’s communications director, Talley admitted his interest in the supernatural. He says while he believes there is an explanation for the strange people see and hear, he is open to the possibilities that it could be something else.

Most in the political arena believe Talley’s nomination is going nowhere. At least he can continue his job as a paranormal investigator.