Trump’s Unconventional Visit to Saudi Arabia

President Trump has had so many controversies since he was officially sworn in as the President of the United States. He chose Saudi Arabia as his first trip abroad, and it is weird, strange, and totally in bad taste for a number of reasons.

To begin with, President Trump’s four predecessors that included two Republicans and two Democrats first visited countries like Mexico and Canada which were close trading associates, neighbors, and close allies. Instead of basing his first presidential trip along such lines, Trump decided to visit a country that oppresses women by forcing them to cover their heads as well as limiting their freedom of travel unless their male guardian permits there. This is strange as America is a country that supports women empowerment.

Secondly, it was a bizarre place for President Trump to speak against Islamist Extremism. This is because Saudi Arabia supports some of the Extremists. For instance, it sponsors radical Wahabi Mosques and Imams worldwide. Furthermore, Osama Bin Laden was from Saudi Arabia as well as his counterparts behind the 9/11 attacks. Remember that Iranians are the ones fighting ISIS, not Saudis.
The third reason is the sword dance. In the past, whenever American presidents met with the Saudi equivalents, they apparently made it known that they did not support Saudi’s culture. However, President Trump went against this by participating in the sinister all-male dance together with Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, and other delegates.

The other reason making President Trump’s visit seemingly weird is Ivanka Trump’s project for female entrepreneurs. As earlier mentioned, women are so oppressed in Saudi and cannot do some things without male guardian or consent. This includes traveling, driving cars, right to education, and legal rights as well as covering their faces. For this reason, it was like mocking the public when Saudi and United Arabs Emirates pledged to support Ivanka Trump’s fund of promoting female ‘entrepreneurs.’

Moreover, Tillerson was hypocritical in denouncing human rights in Iran while in Saudi, a country without any political and religious freedom. It would have been better if he did not mention anything at all. Besides, Tillerson held a press conference without inviting Press conference from The U.S. this is perhaps because he did not want the Americans to question whatever the President of the U.S was doing in Saudi.