Trump’s Kids Committed Fraud?

Two of President Donald Trump’s most treasured offspring were able to escape some very serious scrutiny, which could have gotten the both of them detrimentally involved with the criminal justice system and charged with felony fraud.

Ivanka Trump, 35, and Donald Trump Jr., 39, got themselves in a ton of trouble in the spring of 2012. At that time, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office of New York City had been investigating Ivanka and Donald Jr. for two years. Prosecuting attorneys in the New York City DA’s office were busy building a criminal case against the two siblings. Prosecutors suspected them of illegally conning potential buyers who were interested in purchasing units in a hotel and condominium development owned by the Trump family.

The residential real estate development is called Trump SoHo and the family was having tremendous difficulty selling units there for a variety of reasons. According to a damning exposé about this case released very recently by, New York City prosecutors had the Trump siblings right where they wanted them. Evidence of a major swindle had been found. A formal indictment was inevitable.

Incriminating email communications between the Trump family members were uncovered. In these emails, the Trumps made it clear to one another that they knew potential buyers were being lied to about the rapid rate that the Trump SoHo condo and hotel units were selling. Doctored up sales numbers were being cooked to con potential buyers. The Trumps willfully discussed how to channel the false information to buyers as well.

In an email between Donald Jr. and an unnamed broker, the President’s first born son tried to calm the broker’s concerns about gross misinformation regarding the sales of the units in the Trump SoHo development. Donald Jr. told the broker that there was no need to worry because the only people that were knowledgeable about the falsehoods were those within the Trump family’s circle of leadership.

The whole Trump SoHo hotel and condo development was beset with insurmountable difficulties from the very beginning. The name is, in itself, misleading. First of all, the Trump-backed development is not even directly located in SoHo, the trendy Manhattan neighborhood. It is actually located west of the area and is right by the entrance ramp to the Holland Tunnel.

The Trump SoHo project involved two Russian-born business partners who were the principals behind a real estate development company called the Bayrock Group. However, one of the Russian partners was a known felon to law enforcement officials. His name is Felix Sater. Sater did time in prison during the early 1990s for felony assault. In 1998, he pleaded guilty for his role in a $40 million-dollar financial fraud scheme.

When Donald Trump Sr., grew tired of his son and daughter getting the big squeeze from the local DA, he summoned his good friend, personal lawyer, and campaign donor Marc Kasowitz. Donald Sr. used his knowledge of how to perfectly corrupt the system to his advantage to get Cyrus Vance Jr., the Manhattan DA to cease his office’s investigation of Invanka and Donald Jr.

Doing this kind of dirt involves the usage of a slush fund. Kasowitz personally donated $25,000 in cold hard cash to Vance’s most recent reelection campaign. Paying weak elected officials in the form of handsome campaign contributions is a trade-off. One side gets a cozy job on the taxpayer’s dime. The other side gets an elected official to own and control.

This has always been the Trump family recipe for success in their illicit conquests.