Trumps Decision Regarding Pesticides Puts American Children At Risk

Potential increase in autism rates ?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the Trump administration has reneged on a ban proposed to stop use of the brain-damaging pesticide called chlorpyrifos. During Obama’s administration, the EPA proposed this ban in 2015. This effort to protect American children from this neurotoxic insecticide has been pursued for more than a decade by public interest groups. Trump’s administration approved the continued use of this toxin right before the approach of a deadline ordered by the court. The EPA had to act by the 31st of March. Chlorpyrifos is manufactured by AgroSciences who made aggressive moves to stop the ban. They exploited the Trump administrations hostilities to science and disregarded the EPA regulations designed to protect the environment and the health of the public.

Long term studies from the National Institute of Health and the EPA have documented that when a pregnant woman is exposed to chlorpyrifos her children’s IQ scores will be lower, they will be at an increased risk of developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and their mental development will be poorer. Exposure to chlorpyrifos comes from the consumption of food the pesticide has contaminated.

Reversing the proposed ban on neurotoxin chlorpyrifos is an indication the Trump administration will do anything to protect their corporate interests. They have put profits above the safety of our food and the health of our children.

Chlorpyrifos is part of a chemical family called organophosphates which were used as neurotoxins in World War II by Nazi Germany. Evidence shows the pesticide causes brain damage responsible for 16.9 million IQ points being lost by Americans due to exposure in early childhood. Exposure to a fetus results in autism spectrum disorder, reduced gestation time and reduced birth length and weight.

The Trump administration and Scott Pruitt have consigned more than 25 million American children to reduced intelligence and neurological deficits. This blatantly shows how being hostile towards science and its safeguards harms the American population.

Chlorpyrifos is used heavily on many foods including vegetables, fruits, wheat, corn, alfalfa, soybeans and nuts. The most direct path to being exposed comes from food. A study showed when children ate organic vegetables and fruits grown without the use of a pesticide the effects of being exposed to chlorpyrifos almost completely disappeared.

Chlorpyrifos is a threat to the environment. It is extremely toxic to marine organisms, freshwater fish, aquatic invertebrates, birds and bees. According to the EPS it is likely to have an adverse effect of hundreds of species that are endangered or threatened.

The Center for Food Safety has documented cases where the use of this pesticide on seed corn in Hawaii is probably responsible for several episodes of pesticide poisoning at a school on Kaua’i. Yet Syngenta and Dow AgroSciences continue to use this chemical. It is so volatile 10 workers in Syngenta were sent to the hospital because they walked into a corn field that had been sprayed despite the fact this violated EPA sanctions.

Chlorpyrifos has been banned for almost all residential uses since 2000 because the EPA understands the health risks. Yet it remains the most heavily used insecticide in the United States. Public interest groups petitioned for a ban of chlorpyrifos in farming in 2007. This resulted in broken promises and delaying tactics by the EPA. Their latest request for another extension was denied and the court ordered final action to be taken by March of 2017.

Mere days after the 2016 election in November Dow AgroSciences opposed the EPA’s ban of chlorpyrifos in a press release. Dow contributed $1 million in December to Trump’s inaugural committee. Trump then made the decision to appoint Andrew Liveris as chairman of the American Manufacturing Council. Liveris was the Chemical chairman for Dow.

The decision made by Trump’s EPA means if there are any future actions taken against chlorpyrifos it will not occur until 2022. The registration review on this insecticide is not scheduled for review until this time.

This is a perfect example of why we must get money out of politics. * Ques Cenk Uygur’s  voice – “wolf dash pac dot com”

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