Trump & Syria

Why Now, More than Any Other Times Mr. Trump?

The world politics and progression has been hampered by several negative issues happening around the Middle East.  The latest intervention strategies started on flimsy grounds of a chemical attack from the Assad regime is claiming more lives than previously experienced. How can a government barely in office direct and commit such atrocities?

Going to war can bring peace to the world? Unfortunately, this school of thought is only relevant to Trump and his administration. History has taught us otherwise. What did the war in Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya achieve? Hoping that war will liberate citizens from oppressive governments is a wrong approach.

How did America start the intervention in Syria, and what has been the outcome?
A claim was floated that Assad had used chemical weapons to kill his opponents. The use of these weapons created a worldwide outrage, led by the leading media and top American politicians. The US military moved in to quell and protect innocent civilians who were under attack from the oppressive regime, which had killed 86 Syrian citizens. The world hoped that America would use better ways to protect the Syrian people. But what happened next? A far extensive destruction and death of the same innocent citizens occurred. An estimated 1,472 innocent lives were reported to have been killed.

With this huge number of casualty, no one raised a finger against the Trump administration. The same world leaders who had condemned the Assad attack were suddenly quiet. Does it mean that deaths caused by the Americans are sacrosanct? Why the double standards for the same people?

But we can say that this war was expected. We can relate with the Trump’s promise that he will “bomb the shit out of ISIS.” Needless to say, the ISIS, to Trump means innocent Muslims. After the election, he started moving more military personnel to Syria to accomplish his mission. But what can we see now? Did the mission achieve its objectives?

What Trump and his selectively amnesic administration have accomplished is more alienation of the American nation and its allies. The increased attacks in Europe are a pointer to this fact. The attack on innocent Syrians has created more dissent than acceptance. Families who lost their loved ones in the heinous attack are out there, roaming the streets and thinking of one thing: revenge. So, has the mission achieved its objectives?

As we can deduce from the atrocities committed by the Trump’s administration, more innocent lives will be lost in our homeland. Dissidents will increase manifold, and the world will be more dangerous than before.

Is this the world we want to live in? The world where people cannot trust their neighbors around just because of their religious affiliation? Are we creating an atmosphere where a person wearing certain types of clothing is referred to as a terrorist?

Clearly, a change in approach to dealing with the world’s security is necessary. A sober and more inclusive consultation is the only way to save ourselves from the insecurity threats around us. Chest thumping and supremacy shows will only fuel dissidents and create greater instability.