Trump Sending Troops to Somalia

Trump escalates our number of interventions by sending troops to Somalia

Looks like he isn’t the anti – interventionist he promised to be. One of the more negative things is his ordering missile strikes on Syria following some supposed chemical bombings by the Syrian government on its own citizens. Dozens of innocent citizens were reputed to have been killed.

In response he ordered the launching of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles on Syrian military outposts. Reports say the missiles resulted in six deaths. The bombing chaos really began on April 13 when he ordered the dropping of the MOAB on Afghanistan.

Despite much cautionary advisement from China and Russia, the bombing carnage has continued. Bombing chaos is only one face of our president’s war mongering. The day after ordering the drop of MOAB, he orders dozens of troops to Somalia to help fight the an al-Qaeda branch. The goal of these troops will be to aid and train the Somalia troops who are already engaged in fighting this branch.

It is the first time U.S. troops have been sent to Somalia since March 1994. And that time did not go well. What resulted was so traumatizing that U.S. troops were withdrawn until now. The harrowing time inspired the movie, Black Hawk Down. Remember how they were trying to assist with the enforcement of a ceasefire during the  civil war in Somalia and had to endure 15-hour-long battle in Mogadishu? A total of 8 Americans were killed, which caused Pres Clinton to withdraw. Trump is also ordering the deployment of F-35As throughout Europe. Trump was openly critical of Obama for not being more warlike and said he would change this.

Well, while he is going by his promise, he is being pretty hypocritical since he did say the U.S. shouldn’t have any military action against Syria. During his campaign, he said that the U.S. should leave Syria alone so that we can concentrate on the real present threat: ISIS. He is also being hypocritical because although he did do the airstrike on Syria on the pretext that the Syrian government killed its own innocent citizens, but yet he is forbidding U.S. sanctuary to the still living Syrian refugees. Russia has surprisingly stuck to its promise to continue to support Syria despite Trump’s failure to get Russia to aid the U.S. in this endeavor.

In the meanwhile, ISIS is benefiting concentration of Assad. In fact, it is strongly possible that ousting Assad will make it a cakewalk for ISIS to invade the country.

We already have enough chaos with all of our interventions without adding Somalia into the mix.