Trump Ready to Continue The Money Pit in Afghanistan

From one position to the next, it would be fair to say that the presidency of Donald Trump has been marked by high levels of indecisiveness. After stating his initial intention was to pull US troops out of Afghanistan, the President has now decided he is leaning more towards ramping up efforts to combat terrorists wherever terrorists may be active. That apparently includes placing more troops and equipment in the aforementioned Afghanistan.

In a recent public address to the US people, Trump stated his intentions in Afghanistan, but failed to layout any specific details related to these so-called efforts to combat terrorists. He defended this lack of disclosure by stating, “how counter-productive it is for the United States to announce in advance the dates we intend to begin or end” military activities.”

While that point might be well-made, it doesn’t explain why its necessary to throw more good money after bad money. The fact is the US has been “stuck” in Afghanistan for years now with very little progress to show for its efforts. After the prior administration’s commitment to keep some troops in the Middle-East country through 2024, Trump instinctively knew he needed to do something meaningful in order to stem the tide of discontent with US military activities throughout the world.

A majority of the American people have made it clear they aren’t particularly favorable of maintaining troops in Afghanistan if nothing meaningful can be achieved. The fact is the American people are tired of seeing our soldiers placed in situations where their effectiveness is minimized by regional politics and apathy from the very people the US is trying to help.

One of the primary issues at hand has been the US’ inability to meet its military objectives in many parts of the world. The disputes between the Obama administration and the military leaders in charge in the Middle East made it look as though the US has no clear direction towards a solid agenda.

In an effort to rally the American people around his tentative decision to ramp up efforts in Afghanistan, Trump did make clear that success in the Middle East would be measured by “Attacking our enemies; obliterating ISIS; crushing Al Qaeda; preventing the Taliban from taking over the country, and stopping mass terror attacks against Americans before they emerge.”

The problem is President Trump has done very little to earn the confidence of the American people. From his indecisiveness abroad to a growing list of domestic issues (racism, global warming, education and violence), his plate is full. It doesn’t sit well with the American people that he is leaning towards looking to add billions of dollars to a Middle East military money pit that has already cost the American taxpayers hundreds of billions, if not a trillion dollars, over the last 10 years.

Trump may soon learn his popularity is not going to increase by shoring up efforts to support unpopular causes. Doing do without details is troublesome.

Trump has lied to us and betrayed his base once again. One of the viewpoints which made some of campaign rhetoric semi inspiring, is the fact for years he has consistently been against against the war in Afghanistan. Now that he has power to bring forth this change, he caved into the neocons that he surrounded himself with. There is no justification for the Afghanistan war for the following reasons:

  • Taliban still controls 1/2 of Afghanistan
  • We haven’t make any progress
  • It has cost us nearly $2 trillion
  • It is an endless money pit
  • No clear definition of victory
  • The fact that the Taliban controls half their country is depressing, but isn’t our problem
  • We don’t spend on our own infrastructure, but this war has a blank check
  • Civilian Deaths
  • USA Troop deaths
  • We have been there nearly 2 decades, we shouldn’t indefinitely occupy a country
  • We already killed bin Laden