Trump Increases Drone Strikes

Looks like Trump lied about being a non interventionist

Obama during his time in office continued with the Bush’s means of striking the terrorist bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. He felt that it would be safer as compared to risking using pilot operated planes there which could be taken down. This was wise since he avoided military casualties to a large extent. He also helped African countries resist the attacks from militants such as the Bokoharam and Alshabab.

Behind this decision too came drawbacks of mishandling of these drones by operators. Innocent civilians died in Yemen including an American cleric there. The current president is rampantly using the drones and unmanned autonomous vehicles increasing the number of civilians that are dying. Trump has authorized more drone strikes than Obama at a frequency five times more than Obama’s.

Trump administration has offered the military and the Central Intelligence Agency more freedom in its operations and decision-making. This freedom is on different aspects and fronts. With the air, combat comes more reliance on remotely piloted aircraft that are high as we have seen 5 times higher than during Obama era.

The pace is seriously on the rise and if not controlled will lead to more loss of lives. Operations in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia has had more intense drone attacks against the armed militants. The New York Times reported that in March alone, there were more US strikes in Yemen than in the whole of 2016.

Another bad thing about these operations is the fact that the Pentagon has not been giving the US citizens enough information on the number of troops on the ground. There have been deployments of troops to Syria and Iraq of late (400 marines and 300 Airborne Division soldiers) that the senate was not informed. The trump regime is reckless and not open in its operations.

It is a shock to the trump supporters who thought that the president was not going to disrupt and intrude into other countries affairs. They were expecting the trump administration to instead withdraw the troops from the warzones and focus in ruling and “redirecting” the country to a new route. The “America first” way that the Trump campaigns were all about. The supporters were wrong in thinking that president Trump was going to mind America’s business alone and the drone use statistics proves that.

Data that was compiled by Airwars a site that monitors airstrikes in Syria, Iraq and Libya that do not compile drone strikes. It stated that the number of monthly raids since January is the same as the number of strikes that Obama authorized during his entire administration. The difference is in black and white in the Syrian airstrikes. During the month of November 2016, there were 351 allied strikes while in February 2017, 547 strikes were recorded.

In all these, we see that the Trump administration has clearly shown little acknowledgement of the effects that these strikes have on human beings. It does not see that it has already caused the deaths of many civilians while honoring one US soldier who was killed in Yemen.