Trump & Defense Contractors

This title alone should scare you

Donald Trump has been president for just over 100 days now and has done little to accomplish any of promises he told his supporters before getting elected. Trump has only been focused on building a wall and stopping North Korea. Recently, Trump selected defense contractors to fulfill several different heavy duty government positions.

He has cut funding for some programs funded by the government to spend more money on the military and homeland security. Trump picked Benjamin Cassidy to serve as assistant secretary for legislative affairs. Before being appointed by Trump, Cassidy worked on marketing and selling Boeing military products to foreign countries. Trump picked Jonathan Rath Hoffman to serve as assistant secretary for public affairs. The firm Hoffman used to work for was constantly attacked by privacy activists.

People that used to work for large defense companies are now sitting at the top of Trump’s administration, which included cabinet members and political appointees. Those types of people are in charge of carrying out Trump’s orders. There are more than 15 officials that are in some way related to defense contractors now working for Trump. There could be plenty more defense contractors working for Trump in the future. He has yet to fill all government rules. Two of the positions that need filling are Army and Navy secretaries.

Before Jim Mattis and John Kelly were appointed by Trump, they were financially supported by defense firms. Mattis was making six-figures with $500,000 invested stock options, as director of General Dynamics. His old company produced all kinds of military equipment such as submarines, tanks, and ammunition. Kelly was a contractor working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Many defense firms are anxiously watching Trump’s plans to increase military spending by $54 billion next year. Other $30 billion will be given to Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security. Roughly half of that $30 million given to the pentagon will be used to purchase new weapons for military personnel. All this money being spent by the government is expected to help defense lobbyists connect with more clients and boost sales.

Two large lobbying groups related to firearm companies are the Defense Industrial Association and Aerospace Industries Association. Mattis has scheduled meetings to meet with those folks holding the most power. Secretary Kelly is working hard to build better partnerships with the private sector.