Trump Alarms Venezuela With Talk of a ‘Military Option’

Supposed non-interventionist Trump talks about starting random offensive wars against countries that never attacked us. Reminds me of somebody named George Bush.

On Friday, American President Donald J. Trump made a surprising comment regarding the possible actions the United States could take to make sure the chaos that is currently occurring in Venezuela is put to an end. Trump’s statement, that he wouldn’t rule out a military option when dealing with Venezuela didn’t sit well with top officials in Venezuela, with their defense minister claiming that the statement made by Trump is “an act of madness”.

Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López, in a statement released on Friday, responded to the statement by saying, “It is an act of supreme extremism”. He continued with his thoughts, saying, “I say it is an act of madness.”

The White House released a statement in response around an hour later. The statement claimed that the president had recently refused a phone call from the president of Venezuela. When President Nicolas Maduro allegedly contacted White House officials to request a phone call with President Trump, he was told that “President Trump will gladly speak with the leader of Venezuela as soon as democracy is restored in that country.” This statement has not been verified by Venezuelan officials, and they never confirmed a phone call to the White House.

Another key figure in Venezuelan government, the communications minister Ernesto Villegas, released a televised statement on Friday where he called the statement made by US President Donald Trump “an unprecedented threat to national sovereignty.”

Pedrino issued a statement to the public stating that he would “prefer that the chancellor of the republic be the one who speaks, although I as a soldier, together with the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and with the people, am sure that we will all be in the front row, defending the interests and sovereignty of our cherished and beloved Venezuela.”

According to the defense minister, Venezuela will release a more detailed response to the president’s statements on Saturday.