Top 3 Progressive Youtube Channels

Here at News Span, we normally have full traditional articles and try to avoid those annoying “top 10 list” styled formats that all the clickbait sites use, but we had to make exception this one time to show support to some of our favorite channels that deserve praise for their quality videos. At least we placed the entire list on a single page, unlike irritating sites that force you to click the next button 20 times. Below is our list of the top 3 progressive channels on YouTube. If you are tired of the mainstream media wasting time avoiding real news discussion and repeating the same Russia conspiracies 24/7, the channels below will be a breath of fresh air.

#3- The Jimmy Dore Show.

Jimmy Dore is a well known 51 year old comedian from Chicago. He is very passionate about progressive politics and is part of TYT (The Young Turks Network). It’s good to have a comedian on our side, considering we have such depressing issues to discuss such as stopping torture, ending unneeded wars and unfair trade deals; it’s nice to know he can lighten up the mood with his humor when dealing with these stories. Jimmy has a large fan base of nearly 250,000 on YouTube (at the time of writing this article). I have heard it said before and it’s true: the best way to summarize Jimmy, is he’s the George Carlin of today.

Here is a link to The Jimmy Dore show:

#2- The Humanist Report with Mike Figueredo

Mike Figueredo is a 29 year old political activist and a very popular YouTuber. He currently has almost 110,000 subscribers. Mike is highly educated and has achieved getting both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in political science and right now he’s currently a Ph.D student. Mr. Figueredo is also a contributor for Huffington Post. The Humanist Report is constantly growing in subscribers, probably because Mike only reports on important real issues and doesn’t waste his viewers time by speculating on Russian conspiracies from anonymous sources.

Here is a link to the Humanist Report:

#1- Secular Talk Radio & The Kyle Kulinski Show

For first place, we feel that we can unequivocally state that Kyle Kulinski, isn’t just the best progressive themed news show, he isn’t just the overall best new channel, but we feel that he is the greatest YouTuber alive. Kyle Kulinski is by far the best YouTuber of all time. Kyle has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and is very passionate about discussing the issues. Mr. Kulinski may be only 29 years old, but already has some huge accomplishments such as co-founding Justice Democrats (basically an organization to primary challenge worthless dems like Joe Manchin and replace them with non corrupted dems). Kyle has built up an absolutely massive/gigantic/enormous audience of nearly half a million YouTube subscribers and almost 100,000 Twitter followers. As of today, he has nearly 10,000 videos uploaded! He covers many important news events that the mainstream media tries to avoid, such as USA govt. funding terrorism, etc. Kyle takes a very sane approach to policy standpoints such as – No offensive violence towards other nations (nations that never attacked us such as Iraq), no govt. surveillance (Patriot Act) and no torture. These seem like common sense viewpoints, but study mainstream media pundit’s viewpoints about these topics, and you will be highly disappointed with their reasoning.  No human is infallible, but Kyle Kulinski is as close as it gets.

Here is a link to Kyle’s YouTube: