Time Running Out For North Korea

North Korea has long been a thorn in the side of the United States. This is once again the case as negotiations to shut down their nuclear developments have failed. North Korea is not answering the demands of the United States and intends to continue to develop their nuclear weapons.

President Trump met with North Korean President Xi Jinping in Florida. That meeting was specifically to discuss the intentions of the North Koreans in their development of military weapons, including nuclear warheads. They have been successful in detonating a number of bombs but have yet to equip a missile with a nuclear warhead, and this is something that Trump desires to stop.

White House Staff have been quoted in stating that time is up and a resolution to this situation must be reached now. Trump wants to protect the country and bring North Korea under compliance, but the North Koreans are seeking their own niche as a superpower in the world. China is now an issue in trying to contain the situation.

China is essentially the backyard of North Korea. They have many trade agreements and essentially support one another. China is not wanting to get involved with the present situation. Staffers at the White House are generating military actions that may be used to get North Korea to stop, but everyone involved concedes the dire need of China’s help with North Korea.

All options are being considered before a final stance is made. Trump Officials have said that it would be a very positive thing if China would throw their hat into the ring and aid with the situation. The White House has stated that many perks would come from their involvement. China is still being hesitant to the prodding. Either way the White House will proceed and contain the situation by any means necessary.

General John Hyten of the US Strategic Command does not believe that the situation can be dissolved without some form of involvement from China. They are simply in too close a proximity not be involved in the situation. Whether their involvement is positive or negative for the United States, we can count on their input.

Trump may not agree with the stance of Hyten but truth is, China has ties that are too close with North Korea to let any action against them go unchallenged. We can count on their strong disagreement to any type of sanctions against North Korea, and if it is military action there is no definitive proof that China will not get involved. This is a tender area for the United States and prudent strategies as well as well thought out actions need to be heeded to.