The Staggering Donation Of Charles Koch After The Passing Of The GOP Plan

According to a very recent news source there has been a substantial donation made by Charles Koch. Only days after the GOP tax plan had been passed he made a donation of $500K to Ryan. Charles Koch has long since established a reputation as a GOP mega-donor. His latest donation was made along with his wife. This donation was for the joint fundraising committee for Speaker Paul Ryan. Only thirteen days elapsed once the plan had passed before Charles Koch made his hefty donation. According to a report by the International Business Times the GOP tax plan will cut estate taxes and lower the tax rate for corporations.

According to the report Charles Koch and his wife both made donations on the exact same day. These donations were made to the National Republican Congressional Committee. The amount of $237,000 was donated by both Charles Koch and his wife. Two of the most major advocates for the GOP tax plan were Charles Koch and David Koch. David is his brother. These two men spent millions of dollars to succeed in their efforts to make certain this legislation did pass.

Charles Koch and David Koch are additionally planning to spend even more millions on a public relations plan. According to the Wall Street Journal this campaign is in direct relation to their plan. There was also a report last year from Politico. They stated Ryan had absolutely no intention of running for an additional term. When Ryan was asked about this statement he denied the report.