The Secret DNC Takeover by Hillary Clinton’s Camp

Upon gaining the post for the Democratic National Campaign (DNC) Florida rep, Donna Brazile decided to do some investigation on rigging claims alleged on Hillary Clinton’s nominations. There were implications of debt and wrongful allocation of funds after the release of hacked Emails by Russia. To gain answers, Donna decided to call Gary Gensler to gain some clarity on the issues revealed in the emails. The following account shows that Gary’s response proved the hacked emails that purported rigged nominations to be valid.

As the new interim chair for the DNC Donna knew, she had to ascertain the rigging claim before calling Bernie Sanders the other Democratic Party nominee. First, some background information on her predecessor Debbie Wasserman Schultz was essential. Donna knew that Debbie was never active in fundraising for the DNC during President Barrack’s and the neglect left a significant debt. Upon Hillary Clinton’s campaign gaining momentum, she resolved the debt and left the DNC on a starvation diet. Therefore, the DNC would be dependent on Hillary’s campaign thereby giving her the power to control its operations.

As expected, Debbie was a lousy manager. She allowed the Clinton’s Brooklyn Headquarters to run Hillary’s campaign so that she was free from answering to the party officials. Donna was not sure how much control the Brooklyn offices wielded in the DNC. Therefore, she decided to call the CFO of Hillary’s campaign, Gary Gensler in July to gain some insights.

According to Gary, the Democratic Party was then broke and needed a $2million loan. The CFO added that Obama’s neglect for the DNC operations left a bank debt of $15milliom and a debt of above $8million to vendors after the 2012 campaign. In 2016 when the debt was set to be cleared, the Hillary Victory fund and Hillary for America cleared the remaining $10million and placed the party on an allowance.

Donna assumed after getting this information from Gary that the other DNC officers did not know either. However, Debbie, her predecessor, never came to the officers for advice. In fact, she tended to surprise them with decisions she made last minute without their consultation. It is in the same manner that Donna and the other DNC officer got information on the hacked emails that alleged Hillary’s Camp rigging the nomination. In addition, she was not willing to take responsibility for outsourcing management and ensuring that President Obama’s consultants remained on the payroll regardless of the money shortfall that had hit Hillary’s campaign.

An additional mistake that Debbie had brought to the campaign was failing to gain a unanimous vote from all the DNC officials when Hillary’s campaign required some loans. For instance, Gary mentioned to Donna that DNC needed $2million and had already arranged for this without a unanimous vote from the DNC officials. This left Donna astounded.

Due to a Joint Fund-Raising Agreement that was passed in 2015, Hillary’s party had control over how finances sought for the campaign would be coordinated with the various parties seeking the nomination. This command by Hillary’s camp ascertained the information that Donna needed for Bernie’s camp. Her campaign had kept the DNC and the other nominees at her mercy regarding finances. These finances were for necessary expenses for all parties that were seeking nomination on the Democratic Party. There was a law under FEC that allowed a contribution of $ 2700 from each of the presidential campaigns. However, there were higher limits for those who were under state parties and under a party’s national committee.

Individuals were allowed to write checks amounting to $353,000 to help fund the Hillary Victory Fund. This amount represented $10,000 for 32 states ($320,000) and only $33,400 for the DNC. This amount was supposed to be deposited in the states. However, the money was funneled directly to the DNC before transfer to Brooklyn. This showed that Hillary was controlling the Victory Fund that was meant for all the nominees as well as state party races. She did all this before she was nominated using the Joint Fund Raising Agreement to show that she had the right to do so.

According to Gary, the Democratic Party would have collapsed if they did not funnel the money directly to the DNC. The collapse would have been caused by the debt that the Democratic Party was operating on at the time. There was a deal that the campaign manager Robby Mook struck with Debbie to give $20milllion to DNC for the convention in September and some more to prepare for the coming election.

Donna was shocked to learn that $4million was needed every month. This was double the amount required 5years earlier for monthly expenses during the campaign and election period. The reason for the steep increase in expenses was that Debbie had not let go of the consultants in the DNC hired during the previous election. Besides, she also kept Obama’s consultants on the payroll, which was financed by the DNC. Therefore, there was much control by the Hillary campaign for the survival of the Democratic nomination process and impending election.
As the interim Chair, Donna did not wish to inherit so many problems. Therefore, she went to the Brooklyn offices to find out how the party was managing to keep afloat while operating on loans.

As mentioned earlier, the leaked emails showed that the Hillary campaigns were grabbing money from state parties to serve its operation and this left the states with little money to manage the ballot races. According to a story published in Politico, Hillary had promised to improve the strength of the state parties claiming that the power of the state parties would enable a win by the Democrats.

However, the states only kept less than 1% of the total 82million dollars that were raised during a fund-raising headed by Hillary. According to the facts, this was blatant money laundering. Both the people in Hillary’s camp and Bernie’s camp were outraged when this information was leaked, as they were not a party to this.

The Joint Fund-Raising Agreement was the culprit and the reason why Hillary was seen as the one driving the Democratic Party to a loss. This was the information that Donna Gave Bernie Sanders when she called him. Bernie understood and promised to support Hillary during the campaign towards the election. However, there was a lot of cold reception and little support for her in many states after this information was released.

There were many agreements signed that ensured that Hillary was in control of the finances during the nomination process. It was not illegal; however, according to Donna, it was unethical.

She will publish a book “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House.” It is clear that the leaks from Russia were true and that it was Hillary that let the Democratic Party down and probably led to Trump’s victory. The paper by Donna Brazile will seek to bring these facts to light.