The Future of American Healthcare Freedom: Single Payer Healthcare

When will it happen?

We, the people of the United States of America, are facing a healthcare crisis unlike any that has ever been seen before. The war is raging every day from left to right in the House, and Senate, by the men and women of Congress. They are deciding our future to receive a quality treatment of care without going bankrupt. A future that is now at jeopardy.

There is only one way for us to take back control of our healthcare system in this country, and that’s through a single payer system created by revamping the Affordable Care Act. Under the Republican Congress they will have us pay higher premiums, raise our deductibles, and make healthcare unaffordable for all but the most wealthy citizens of our country. By revamping the Affordable Care Act into a Single Payer System we can finally take control of our healthcare, and help our loved ones who suffer from debilitating illnesses once and for all. How much longer are we going to accept poor healthcare as a part of being an American?

Believed by most people in our country to be the answer to help our families whom are stricken with ailments, and may have preexisting conditions, is the Single Payer Healthcare System. This system allows for the people to be in control of their healthcare through a tax based system like many other countries in Europe have implemented successfully. Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, is now facing repealment under the Republican Congress, but it could be changed, or modified into a single payer tax based global healthcare system for everyone. Much to our dismay, however, the Republican Congress’ replacement bill looks to ruin those chances to help the wealthy insurance companies, and their stockholders, at the expense of the most vulnerable.

Under the new Republican Congress the bill states will be given access to waivers which grant them the ability to deny, or reduce healthcare availability to what they deem as high risk individuals. These people, some one third of the citizens of our country, could be denied healthcare for a number of reasons from being obese, to needing a c-section, or for having high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. The number of preexisting conditions covered under the Affordable Care Act are upwards of a hundred, and the people with these common conditions will soon to be labeled, “high-risk individuals.” Their quality of healthcare will be taken away, or reduced, and some will be at serious risk of death. Instead of being treated with the dignity, and respect, our fellow American citizens deserve, they will instead be cast aside and left to die for being too poor to afford healthcare.

We, the people of the United States of America, are facing a healthcare crisis unlike any that ever been seen before, but we can fix it to help everyone, including our most vulnerable citizens. Only by writing our Senators, and House Representatives, can we teach them to represent us properly. We must tell them that we the people of the United States of America demand to see the Affordable Care Act retooled into a Single Payer Healthcare System. That is unless we wish to see our healthcare disappear entirely. How much longer are we going to accept poor healthcare as a part of being an American?

Every successful nation has single payer health and beats us in efficiency, quality of care and cost of care. Dozens of countries have implemented single payer health and proved it is a sustainable system. For some reason the GOP and corporate demos assume we as a country are uniquely incompetent and unable to do something many nations have already accomplished. We are at the bottom of the charts of every healthcare comparison, so we aren’t proving any points to the rest of the world. The only thing in common that every nation above us on the health ratings charts, are that they have a single payer system and we don’t.