Sessions Sued Over Marijuana Policy

Could it be that Jeff Sessions, the current attorney general, is a little too close-minded or perhaps a bit uneducated about medical cannabis? It is evident that Sessions is not supportive of legalizing anything classified as a dangerous Schedule I drug. Marijuana has fallen under this class but is not that type of drug and this needs changing.

That said, many of the US population live where it is legal, so is it fair that some places are legal while others are not? One girl is suing Mr. Sessions for her inability to use medical marijuana legally in the United States.

Also, having moved from her home state of Texas to Colorado, 12-year-old Alexis Bortell was in hopes of getting a specific cannabis oil named Haleigh’s Hope that had proved beneficial to her. Alexis has a need for this as medication to help keep her from getting seizures that having epilepsy cause. This girl believes that marijuana is the cure for living her life without epilepsy, as brain surgery was her only hope in Texas.

Indeed, the family moved for this particular reason only to find that federal law still makes it illegal, and a crime punishable by law to use marijuana, including derivatives such as cannabis oil. In Colorado, it is legal to use cannabis for medical ( And recreational ) purposes in the state, but all of it is illegal as a federal law. It is wrong to withhold cannabis from anyone in need, nationwide is what this youngster thinks.

Furthermore, while medical cannabis is legal in 29 states and the District Of Columbia, a huge problem is that it is absolutely unfair to limit the use of something that has helped many people nationwide with their health issues. Currently, marijuana is legal for many of the states of the United States, which is unconstitutional national forbiddance of medical benefits of the natural herb.

It is a fact that marijuana is not a Schedule I drug, such as meth, heroin, cocaine or fentanyl, yet that is what classification it is so more work needs to be done to change the classification. There is no reason that such a helpful medical plant should be criminal or illegal in the USA. The federal prohibition totally ignores the research and facts that many people can benefit from the use of cannabis.