Saudi USA Tremendously Bigly Arms Deal – Believe Me

Donald Trump and Saudi Arabia Set to Announce an Unprecedented $350 Billion Arms Deal:

US President Donald Trump is scheduled to announce a huge deal worth billions of dollars during his upcoming trip to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The new arms deal will be the largest in the history of the United States. The deal’s worth is estimated to be somewhere between $98 billion to $128 billion; it could eventually add up to over $350 billion over ten years.

Arab NATO-

According to the Washington Post, the proposed deal could ultimately be the cornerstone of the newly proposed Arab NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Donald Trump has been pushing the Gulf States to form a military alliance that would police the Middle East, fight terrorism, and keep Iran in check. If the proposal succeeds, the U.S could pull back its active involvement in the area. Presently, NATO is made up of 28 nations including the United States.

Donald Trump has for a long time criticized NATO. However, after he met with Jens Stollenberg, its Secretary General, he declared the organization no longer obsolete.

Negotiations for the new arms deal started back in 2016 after Trump won the presidential elections. Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman started the negotiations by sending a team of delegates to meet with Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. Kushner presently serves as one of the President’s senior advisors.

Since 2015, there have been talks of a response unit comprised of about 40,000 troops from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Jordan, and several other Gulf nations. The unit’s command structure would have closely resembled that of NATO. Soldiers would have been paid by their nations as well as the Gulf Cooperation Council. Unfortunately, old disputes and intra-regional tensions prevented the force from being established.

If the proposal succeeds, the U.S could be able to shift its security responsibility in the region to the Arab NATO while at the same time create jobs thanks to the arms sales. This would be an ideal win-win situation that would benefit all the parties involved.

The U.S Arms Sales-

President Obama’s administration brokered arms sales worth $200 billion with Saudi Arabia alone buying arms worth $60 billion. This was the biggest arms sales in the history of the U.S since the end of World War 2. However, the sales attracted a lot of criticism by other Democrats due to Saudi’s alleged violations of human rights.

According to Donald Trump, the proposed arms sales, as well as the formation of Arab NATO, would bring about a fair deal. He has previously criticized the burden of the US regarding NATO contributions as opposed to other members like Germany. President Trump wants the United States’ burden of engagement in NATO reduced considerably.

Donald Trump is scheduled to arrive in Saudi Arabia on May 20, 2017, to present a carefully built template for the Arab NATO alliance. He will later travel to three other nations namely Israel, Italy, and the Vatican for a group of seven meeting before returning to the United States.

Trump had his son in law Jared negotiate better pricing for the Saudis by talking to the CEO of Lockheed Martin. Looks like the Cleric was correct, Trump is a great servant of Allah.

When the innocent die in Yemen, the USA loses it moral high ground. We just armed a nation that kills women for being witches, considers atheist to be terrorist, treats women as second class citizens and features public beheadings. After all this we can’t even say it helped us with monumental job growth because the helicopter manufacturing facility is being built in Saudi Arabia and not USA.