Saudi King Salman – Wastes Extreme Amounts of Money on Vacation.

King Salman, the king of Saudi Arabia, spent a reported $100m (£77m) while on a summer holiday in Morocco, where he has a 74-acre retreat built for this very purpose. The complex sits above the beaches of Jbilia near Cape Spartel.

Moroccan Prime Minister Saadedine Othmani greeted King Salman and his entourage of over 1000 people at Tangier Airport in July. The royal’s guests included advisers, ministers, security personnel, and relatives, many of which stayed in Tangier’s most luxurious hotels. Local Moroccans welcomed the visit, as this holiday alone is expected to account for 1.5 percent of the nation’s entire tourism revenue for the year.

Renovation of King Salman’s summer palace took place in 2016, when new buildings, a big top tent, helipads, and other structures were added. they joined pre-existing estate amenities which include luxury restaurants and a fleet of over 100 Mercedes and Range Rovers. The complex is contained within a 1,500 m wall, guarded by at least 30 members of the Moroccan royal guard and outfitted with a medical facility.

The 81-year-old king’s month long holiday took place during a moment of high political tension between the country of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The timing and amount spent by the monarch have drawn some criticism.

In June King Salman made a shocking decision when he appointed his son, Mohammed bin Salman as heir to the Saudi throne. The king’s 31-year-old son is replaced Mohammed bin Nayef, the king’s nephew, as crown prince. Many speculate that this decision was made in order to help the population of Saudi Arabia (half of which are under 25) relate more to the royal family and to lift approval ratings.

The Tangier property is only one of several owned by the head of the House of Saud but is reportedly his favorite to visit. Other properties include a palace in Marbella, a house in Costa del Sol, and many Parisian apartments.

King Salman isn’t the only member of the Saudi Royal Family enjoying a summer holiday. Another Saudi Prince, Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, spent some time away from his 280ft superyacht to go for a bike ride through Turkey with family, friends, and guards.

Below is Secular Talk video, with Kyle Kulinski discussing how infuriating this is. King Salman is wasting $100M on a vacation, while his policies include bombing starved civilians in Yemen.