Saudi Arabia Investing in USA Infrastructure

Time for the USA to accept some more dirty blood money. Another Kushner deal.

According to a newly released government report, Saudi Arabia has plans to invest a whopping $40 billion in United States’ infrastructure. The spending is expected to be announced during President Donald Trump’s visit to the Arabian country. The president is expected to arrive in Saudi Arabia to discuss several pertinent issues among which include security threats and the infrastructure spending.

According to Bloomberg, the spending is expected to come from Saudi’s sovereign wealth fund. However, sources familiar with the subject said that the decision had not been finalized therefore the announcement may be delayed pending further negotiations.

An unnamed White House official confirmed to the media outlet that the plan is still in its discussion stage. They added that Jared Kushner, the President’s senior adviser, played a critical role in the deliberations. Kushner is not only Donald Trump’s son-in-law but also one of his closest confidants. Kushner is reportedly also heavily involved in the plans to come up with a united Arab front to combat security threats in the Middle East region.

President Donald Trump’s Middle East Visit

The President will visit Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the Vatican. He said that he chose to visit the three countries because they were the centers of the world’s three largest faiths. The key issue in his first foreign agenda will be rallying support from its international allies in the fight against security threats like terrorism and extremism in the Middle East.

Trump will land in Saudi Arabia on May 19, 2017, to convene what he termed as a historic gathering of Muslim leaders. The meeting will include the leaders of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and other nations. The president will later finalize the United States infrastructure deal before its official announcement.

Speaking at the White House, Donald Trump added that the United States plans to assist its Muslim allies in their fight against terrorism, extremism, and violence in a bid to embrace a peaceful and prosperous future in the Middle East. This move is expected to foster peace and reduce the United States active involvement in Middle East conflicts.

During Trump’s presidential campaigns in 2016, the president promised to upgrade the country’s infrastructure including roads, airports, bridges, and several other public works. Since then, the president seems bent on keeping his promise to the American people by proposing a large one trillion dollar infrastructure package among his key agenda items.

We should invest in our own infrastructure, not rely on money from a country that publicly beheads people and is one of the worst human rights violators. This $40 billion is a drop in the bucket compared to the estimated $3-$4 trillion recommended for our infrastructure. Another sad point is that Trump had proven he isn’t the non-interventionist he claimed to be, I can sadly see Trump at some point doing new massive attacks on Yemen to help his new Saudi friends, that might cost more then $40 billion anyways, who knows this might end up basically being a rebate and count as a loss.