Review on DeVos Report on Abandoning Obama-Era Education Policies

The Trump administration has been rescinding the Obama era policies in Education Department. The recent annulment concerns the pardoning of the students with the federal loan who were misguided by for-profit colleges.

According to an article written by The Hill on 28th October, The Trump administration is deliberating on deserting the policy. The Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program has erased loans of over $550 million. The money was owed by students after they were deluded by for-profit programs which are now not in operation.

The American Education Department through its Secretary, Betsy DeVos is stated to be drafting a plan to erase the previous program. According to the department officials, the new policy is expected to relief just part of the loan. Depending on the average earning of students who have the same schooling programs, the department will determine the amount of debt to erase.

According to the AP reporting, the American student loan advocates have termed the move malicious, misguided and unfair. Some of the students had already fully benefited with the Obama policy. Also, the new plan will leave thousands of students who had earlier expected the reprieve, scrambling with massive debts. Furthermore, the critics felt that the Trump administration had self-interest with the issue as the American President was linked to the for-profit program.

On March this year, President Trump had been authorized to settle $25 million in a lawsuit by the federal judge. The payment to former students was due to misguiding by for-profit Trump University program. The plaintiffs had claimed that the University had misguided them into enrolling in a costly program after being promised success in the real estate venture.

The Trump administration through the Education Department stated that it was on a mission to invalidate all the previous regulations viewed as unnecessary. Other policies include:

The department was reversing over 70 documents drafting the rights of disabled students. According to earlier reports, this happened on October 2nd. The previous policy had sought to guide schools spending on allocated federal money on special education and parent advocacy on children rights. The Education department move necessitated due to what was termed as the documents being ‘unnecessary, outdated, or ineffective.’

Also, the Education Secretary discharged an interim guidance last month, reversing the sexual assault policies on college campuses. The Obama-era policies which had adopted ‘the preponderance of the evidence standard’ were changed with a temporal guidance meant to act as a placeholder. DeVos stated that the sexual assault rules never did enough to protect the accused rights.