Republicans Work to Destroy Sick Days

Republicans have passed a new bill that would potentially strip cities' the right to create their own labor laws

In Des Moines, IA debate and protests have become contentious during the past few days. This is all over a new bill that could affect teachers, university workers and many more in the blue collar workforce. Republicans have passed a new bill that would potentially strip cities’ the right to create their own labor laws. The bill is sponsored by Representative Pat Garofalo and is only one of a number of pre-emption bills being pushed by Republicans. Sadly, this bill will prevent local governments in creating their laws that could include gun control, pesticide control and sanctuary cities. Already, 15 states have passed such bills and 10 others are considering it. Democrats are extremely angry by this disgraceful bill that has been passed. Senator Branstad said “Obviously, they’ve had a lot of debate on a lot of things. It’s a way to finally get to a vote.”

House Republicans are determined to undermine the National Labor Relations Board. They believe that the NLRB kills the free speech of the employer and destroys jobs. The believe the measure will restore fairness and balance in the workplace. Republicans are blaming the Obama administrations for overturning labor policies. Democrats believe that the Board helps improve employees wages and benefits. They also believe it is important for workers’ to be able to bargain. Income inequality is currently at an all-time high across the nation. Unions are extremely important when it comes to helping rebuild the middle class. The National Labor Relations Board is so important because it helps protect the employees. Everyone in the workforce should be able to have a voice and share concerns for better working conditions and to be able to communicate and ask questions. Democrats seem to be on the workers’ side where as it seems Republicans are on the opposing side.

Debating this measure didn’t take very long at all which some were disappointed with. They felt that the quick response shows disrespect. The bill will limit union contract negotiations in most public-sectors. It will eliminate certain issues such as health insurance, base wages and cap rulings in arbitration by the cost of living. People will always fight the fight when it comes to higher minimum wage and paid sick leave across the United States. The Republicans have also sent an amendment which also states that employees have the right to appeal against a decision in court.