Rachel Maddow’s Excessive Coverage Of Trump Is Becoming Worrisome

Let's talk about Russia conspiracies 24/7 and forget about real issues that Americans face everyday...

Lately, it seems that Rachel Maddow, host of the MSNBC, has become a conspiracy theorist. And her ‘target’ is no other than the president of the United States; Donald Trump. She never lets an opportunity to insinuate that the president is being pulled by strings held by Russia’s Vladimir Putin, slip away.

She has seamlessly replaced Glenn Beck, who was past President Barack Obama’s main media antagonist; accusing the latter of being affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, almost every week.

An example of these theories is the statements Maddow made on her show, on the 13th of March, this year. She alleged that despite the fact that Trump had paid $41 million dollars some years back for a residential home, a wealthy Russian had presently given the president $95 million for that same property.

According to her, President Donald Trump made over $50 million from that deal. On her show, she could be heard asking, “Why did an oligarch from Russia pay Trump $50 million excess of what Donald Trump paid for the property? We still do not know.”

It is evident that America is in for another ‘Glenn Becksque’ ranting and allegations. Back then, during the Obama administration, he, Obama, could not host Muslims or visit them in peace, without Glenn sowing seeds of distrust into minds of the citizens. The fact that Obama wasn’t a Muslim; a fact which Glenn knew, did not stop the presenter from making his false allegations. From saying that the president was doing too much while hosting Ramadan dinners to insinuating that Michelle’s visit to the Alhambra palace mosque in Spain was for ulterior motives, Glenn did the most.

Is Rachel Maddow obsessed with Trump’s relations with the Russians? It seems so. Thanks to ‘The Intercept,’ the period Maddow has spent talking about Trump and the Russians, and the period used to talk about other things, from 20th of February to the end of March, has shown that she is apparently biased.

According to Aaron Mate of “The Intercept”, on several occasions, the more important news was swept under the carpet by Maddow for Russian news. In fact, in this six-week period, a total of 640 minutes were dedicated to Russian issues alone, while other news shared just 551 minutes.

This is becoming ridiculous and very distracting, to be honest. Trump has not been in office for up to a year and already, conspiracy theories are already all over the place. What would he be accused of next? Something more outrageous probably.

Come to think of it, is Maddow heeding someone’s suggestion, the someone being a part of Hillary Clinton’s campaign team; Jennifer Palmieri. It can be recalled that Jennifer had around the campaign period, urged Democrats never to stop speaking out about the Russians attacking ‘our republic.’ Matter of fact, she told them to do so relentlessly, and not let any other issue be taken more importantly than these ‘attacks.’

Really, Maddow has got to tone it down. Yes, this is a country with democracy and freedom of speech, but could Americans get to hear factual and more pressing news than these unproven theories all the time?

She forgets about all real issues facing Americans and only cares about the Russia theory, just like some right wingers only obsessed over the Obama birther issue for a while. Rachel is wasting her powerful platform. She doesn’t give enough attention to real issues: USA arming Saudis who will kill Yemen civilians, USA drone strikes executing civilians, archaic USA health (no single payer discussion), USA mass surveillance (spying on random innocent civilians), lack of infrastructure maintenance, lead poisoned water  (Flint), lack of veteran benefits, obscenely low minimum wage, USA launching offensive wars and the USA torture regime,etc. These are the issues that should be getting more attention, but I guess in her mind only unproven Russian theories matter. I used to have a great amount of respect for Rachel, but that has changed.