Poll Reveals That Millennials Really Want a Third Political Party

If a majority of millennials have their way, a third major political party would be a welcome addition to the political landscape in the United States. A recent poll, conducted by NBC News/GenForward shows that 65 percent of millennials believe the country is on the wrong track. The numbers in the poll point to a desire for a third major party. This is clearly a result of disappointment with the current two-party system.

President Trump received low marks from the millennials polled. 63 percent disapprove of the President’s job performance. Only 22 percent approve of Trump after nearly a year in office.

Beyond measuring the President’s struggles with approval among this group, the poll also broke down the following groups.

Among all millennials, 71 percent believe that a third party is needed. Only 26 percent of millennials believe the existing two-party system adequately addresses issues that concern young Americans.

There are fairly equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans who would like to see a third party. 67 percent of Republicans and 74 percent of Democrats polled believe a third party is needed.

69 percent of females and 74 percent of males, regardless of party affiliation, would like to see a third major party.

The NBC News/GenForward poll has a margin of error of 3.92 percent. It was conducted between Oct. 26 and Nov10. 1,876 adults ages 18 to 34, were surveyed.

The results of the poll show that a solid majority of millennials believe that a third major political party is needed. Regardless of gender or current party affiliation, young Americans would like to be able to consider additional options in selecting political leaders. While there are several political parties that exist, beyond the Democrats and Republicans, these poll numbers point to a need for greater inclusion and a seat at the table for more voices.