Pentagon Militias Vs CIA Militias

CIA militia VS Pentagon militia - USA backing multiple sides.

Most people think that the decisions made by the Pentagon are for the good of the country and the world as a whole. What many parties do not know is that the the Pentagon and the CIA are not on the same page, at all. This has been seen as a result of the different groups of the militia who have been deployed in Syria. Syria has been at war for a long duration, and the manner in which the Pentagon has treated their issue raises a lot of questions about the foreign policy in the country. President Donald Trump has suggested that the method used by NATO does not have any effect in Syria and he goes ahead to suggest that they should join hands with the Japanese or the South Koreans and use their method.
The main problem that people experience is the fact that both the Pentagon and the CIA support different groups of militia. This means that there is a cold war -esque  scenario going on between the two groups. Both of them think that the way they have laid out is the best and should be applied. Many people have questioned the foreign policy being used by the US in Syria. The war between these two groups is very evident in the war that is going on in Aleppo and the border of Turkey. These are clear evidence that there is not set out the guideline that should be used in bringing peace in Syria. The two groups that are meant to bring peace in the region are fighting each other. There is no way they can bring peace to the country when they are still at war. Many people already doubt the commitment of the US towards bringing peace in the country. Instead of calming down the war between the civilians and the state soldiers, they have caused more tension to the country.
With the current confusion in the country, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey still continue to fund the different rebel groups in the country. This is a clear indication that the war that is going will not stop anytime soon. What pains more is the fact that the US government claims to be so much interested in bringing peace in the region yet they are using taxpayers’ money to fund other groups. One even wonders why the US government has not changed the policy they are using in bring peace in Syria. Maybe the government is not even interested in bringing peace.
The tension is high since Turkey does not want any Kurdish war group in the southern part bordering it. Turkey is fighting the group in the region while the US, on the other hand, is funding the group with weapons and all that they need for war.
The wars going on are likely to expose the weakness of the CIA in dealing with the war in the region. Maybe it is time they should even think of leaving the Russian and the South Korean troops to control the situation. The only way that both parties can fight the ISIS is by ensuring they stick together with all the other parties that are interested in fighting the terrorist group in the region.