Over Half of Trump Supporters Will Blindly Follow Their Leader Regardless of the Consequences

During his campaign, Donald Trump made a statement that would prove oddly prescient. Alluding to the fact that his supporters would back him up even if he shot someone in the middle of New York City, it quickly became obvious that Trump understood his base. In the following months, Trump’s actions and turbulent administration have been repeatedly called out by Democrats and even some Republicans. In fact, many Republicans rebuked Trump’s stance after the tragedies at Charlottesville. And many Americans believed that the president’s assertion that “both sides” were to blame was false equivalency. One would reasonably assume, with all of these negatives swirling around, that the president would lose sway with his loyal supporters. But this assumption would be wrong—for a few reasons.

He seems to have started out with a lower number of supporters than most presidents. Those who are opposed to his proposed policies and unhinged statements are immovable, with 57% of those who disapprove of Trump saying that they will never change their minds. However, Trump’s supporters have also stated that their positive opinion of Trump is not reversible. A whopping 61% of these people claim that they cannot imagine a scenario that would influence them to abandon their support of Donald Trump. All in all, that adds up to over half of Americans saying that their opinion of the president is not flexible and will not evolve.

Although Trump has come under fire for comments made about women, a stunning 72% of female Trump supporters have established themselves as his most stalwart supporters. They are the most likely group to stick behind him regardless of his actions. Other groups that have pledged loyalty include those who have not graduated high school, those who make less than $50,000 a year and people over 55 years old.

With the economy still going along relatively strong, perhaps this blind loyalty has just not been tested yet. As tensions mount with foreign countries and Trump continues to tweet strange statements to that aforementioned loyal base, it seems that things could become even more bizarre in the approaching months.