Of Course Trump Signs Away Your Privacy

Consumers privacy and protection should have always been the cornerstone of the world wide web. With the passing of this new law set into place by Donald Trump consumers need not worry about businesses or anyone else having free reign over their personal information.

Internet Providers will no longer have to get permission from their customers to sell their personal information to advertisers. Some people may not actually be to concerned with this because they might not see much harm in internet providers doing such things but when these sorts of things start to occur it only opens the door to other, more intrusive tactics by these companies.

You wouldn’t want your name and information all over the deep web being bought and sold for profit and Internet Providers and Big Business should be no different. These sort of tactics are basically just another form of Identity Fraud and you are being held hostage in the matter.

Are you ever frustrated with the high prices your internet providers may charge you for internet access or feel like you are paying too much for the lowest tier internet speed? You can now add having your private and personal information being sold by these same companies to that list.

This whole thing amounts to big business doing what big business does only now it is at the government level at the expense of the general public.

What the government doesn’t tell you is that many of these companies that provide you with your internet access are often sponsored by the government and therefore have a monopoly over customers and only care about making as much money as they possibly can in as many ways they can come up with without concern for you, the consumer at large which usually doesn’t have very much choice in the ISP they are forced to go with as their provider.

In this day and age as the internet continues to grow and businesses find new ways to market to consumers in an online marketplace as well as governments finding new ways to reach the people and hackers having access all over the world wide web is now more important than ever to protect your personal information and data.

It is an outrage that Donald Trump and government officials would do this to the American public for profit gains of big business without even an ounce of regard to the public that they work for and serve.