No Slowing Trump’s Authoritarian Tendencies with Murmurs of “American Gestapo”

The Trump presidency is in talks to establish a worldwide private network aimed at defeating “‘deep state’ enemies” whom motivated in seeing to the destruction of Trump’s regime. Said proposals are alleged to come from former CIA operative John Maguire, Oliver North and Eric Prince. Prince is a former Navy SEAL, the founder of military contractor Blackwater, now known as Academi, and brother to Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education for the United States. North is most notable for his deep involvement with the Iran-Contra affair of the 1980s and was brought onto the spy network’s board due to his ability to “sell the effort.”

These spies would circumvent many tenets of rule of law and due process, working in secret and only being held accountable to the acting Director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo. A former senior member of America’s intelligence community who was aware of these proposals mentioned that Pompeo has little faith in “CIA bureaucracy,” and would likely favor a global spy network that could likely be used as leverage when dealing with the intelligence community. In many ways, this would function as directly as Trump’s parroting of what he views on Fox News, with little to filter things in an accurate and truthful lens. Furthermore, this network would operate in all countries, included within American borders and “denied areas” like North Korea and Iran.

Considering Pompeo’s disdain for the status quo of the CIA, it should not be surprising to hear from two senior intelligence experts that he is greatly in favor of a spy network and is fanatical about getting Trump to consent to its creation. Further worrying is the news that Trump Hotel has been serving as a discreet meeting place for potential donors to the network.

While an NSC spokesperson remarked that the White House has no interest in the proposal of such a spy network, it would not be the first time that White House staffers have followed the President’s example of telling bold-faced lies under duress. Even when Prince and Maguire have publicly decried any collusion or involvement, sources close to the goings-on believe these men are protesting too fervently.

“Deep state” is one of the many phrases Trump likes to resort to in his oratory, used to allude to individuals within the government working hard to sabotage his perceived victory over democracy despite failing to earn the approval of the American people in 2016’s election. Maguire has also commented on worries of a “deep state” within America’s government, fretting about possible operatives brought onto the government’s payroll during the Obama administration. Maguire perceives this group as Obama loyalists whom detrimentally refuse to inform Trump of certain goings-on within the intelligence community.