Neo Liberal Anti-Russia Rhetoric is Frightening

Apparently some neolibs are actually contempt with the thought of a nuclear holocaust. Not all establishment dems feel this way obviously, but it is scary that we now have an example of one them advocating for bombing Russia instead of de-escalating tensions with a military superpower armed with a massive nuclear arsenal. Keeping current sanctions in place is a perfectly reasonable concept, but starting an offensive war with a country that hasn’t bombed us, however is not reasonable. Paul Begala’s endgame goes beyond a rational discussion, if he is willing to end the planet to prove a point that he hates potential election interference attempts. (Even though USA interferes in many elections)

There are historic examples of where anti Russia propaganda (prior anti Soviet rhetoric ), have resulted with disastrous consequences that lead to destabilizing the world. For example Ronald Reagen intentionally armed terrorists groups (with the help of the CIA) called the Mujahideen (now Taliban), out of spite towards the Soviets. This was called Operation Cylcone, that wasted $3 Billion of tax dollars (this was the 1980s, imagine the value today), and it lead to further destabilization of Afghanistan. Over 40% of Afghanistan to this day is controlled by the Taliban. This is an example of what anti Russian bias can do, and this time if people in power take Begala serious, the consequences will be even worse (nuclear war, RIP planet).

It is terrifying to hear this CNN correspondent who is also an adviser to former US President Bill Clinton suggested that the Trump Administration should consider blowing Russia. Paul Begala’s comments are surprising, and an indication that the Democratic Party has shifted from being pro-Soviet to being anti-Russia overnight. Less than a year ago towards the end of the Obama Administration, Democrats were championing for stronger US-Russia relations. They were also seeking Russian assistance with their campaigns.

The donkey party’s disdain towards Donald Trump has been in the public domain, something that has created the false notion that Russia is America’s foremost public enemy. Pushing for war with Russia clearly proves the extent to which things have worsened. Begala argues that the US should consider bombing Russia due to its perceived cyber interference in the country’s 2016 presidential election. According to him, America was and still is under siege by an unfriendly foreign power. Therefore, the country’s leadership should be debating whether to blow up Russia or not.

The Price of War

Begala further argues that Trump needs to be ashamed of his victory since it was tainted and interfered by foreign forces. It doesn’t take an international relations expert to tell Americans that war with Russians is bad. By maintaining that the Trump administration weighs the pros and cons of attacking Russia, Begala and his paymasters are inciting the two countries, albeit indirectly. It should be noted that regardless of how despicable Vladimir Putin’s cyber-attacks may have been, the US simply can’t afford to go to war with Russia or any other foreign power.

It goes without saying that the US should be on a counter-offensive mission and also hit Russia and Kremlin affiliates with cyber-attacks since their activities are against the best interests of Americans. Espionage activities should similarly be encouraged. Nonetheless, waging war against Russia is pointless since it might end up being the worst geo-political move made by the United States. America’s military is superior to Russia’s but the country is likely to suffer unimaginable losses by bombing Russian installations such as KGB. In addition, such a move will lead to mutual destruction and bloodshed, which is uncalled for.

Why Begala is Changing His Tune
Begala’s suggestion is sardonic considering that not long ago, he is among those who were quick to point out that Russia poses no threat to America. This clearly shows that Begala is not a man of his word. Even though five years is obviously a lot of time within which international diplomatic relations can shift, Begala’s remarks are clearly an admission that Democrats are unsure about their stance towards Russia.

What makes it worse is that Begala made the seditious remarks on national television. America has never enjoyed warm relations with Russia. Clinton and Putin in particular, had a famous frosty relationship that mainly stemmed from accusations such as Begala’s. Therefore, the correspondent’s remarks should be taken with a pinch of salt.