N. Korea’s Strike Plan Could Be ready in A Few Days

According to state media in North Korea, the country has a plan to strike Guam. The plan, which will reportedly include four missiles landing within a short distance of Guam, is expected to be ready sometime in the middle of August.

KCNA, Pyongyang’s state media outlet, said Kim Jong-un will be shown a plan to attack Guam by mid-August. The plan envisions rockets crossing the skies of Japan. The missiles will reportedly fly for 1,065 seconds before almost reaching Guam’s shores. The rockets are expected to land in Guam’s water.

As for Trump’s “fire and fury” comment, Pyongyang ridiculed it. They described the remarks as being nonsense. Trump’s remarks prompted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to tell Americans that North Korea didn’t pose an immediate threat to the country.

Sebastian Gorka, Trump’s national security aide, likened the escalation between the US and North Korea to the 1962 Cuban crisis. He has urged lawmakers to back the stance Trump has taken against North Korea.

Tom McInerney, a retired general, said if North Korea attacked South Korea, then the United States could level out North Korea within 15 minutes and that the US would be the victor.

McInerney spoke with Fox News, saying that within minutes there would be nothing left of the North, if Trump decided to retaliate with full force.

As for Russia, the country has been appealing for both countries to resume dialogue and to show restraint. Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s UN envoy, said Russia wants tensions to ease. He added that Russia has already been working on ways for dialogue to proceed. Nebenzya also said he hopes the Trump administration would not make any hesitant moves that would provoke actions from North Korea.

Japan has made it clear that it has the right to shoot down any North Korean rockets that are heading towards Guam. Itsunori Onondera, Japan’s defense minister, said if rockets were to fly over Japan, then that would be a threat to the country. Japan’s chief government spokesman, Yoshihide Suga, said Japan would take measures in the event that North Korea carries out with its plans.

Meanwhile, the governor of Guam, Eddie Baza Calvo, urged tourists and residents to carry on with their normal duties. He did admit that the situation is increasingly becoming more intense. Calvo said there’s concern among the people of Guam but there was no reason to panic. He added that as an American community, Guam will be protected.