Mike Pence Wastes Large Sums of Money for Publicity Stunt

Not sure yet if the Trump admin believes in the right to protest and the right of free speech. Their current #1 priority is ensuring that no one kneels during the anthem.  Even the Supreme Court rules flag burning legal, something that is actually disrespectful, unlike kneeling. Apparently all the GOP morals are derived from worshiping a piece of cloth. Actual REAL morals like supporting Bernie’s veteran benefit package is something that GOP was against.

Mike Pence is one of the least moral people I can think of. Here are some of Mike’s viewpoints and values:

  • Huge fan of the famous war criminal name George W. Bush
  • Supported the Patriot Act (RIP 4th amendment)
  • Supported a random offensive war for no reason (Iraq invasion supporter)
  • Supported NAFTA (apparently Mike hates the American worker and zero regard for his constituents)

Even though he had no problems with all of these evil policies, he apparently has a huge issue with people protesting police brutality and senseless killing.

Last week’s edition of “Presidential Celebrity Apprentice” didn’t disappoint the people who love drama, and can’t wait for the next Donald Trump firing. In true producer fashion, Donald Trump put on a network show at the Indianapolis Colts game on Sunday and Vice-President Mike Pence was the star. Pence must have rehearsed his lines and mentally tweaked his actions aboard the Air Force C-32 jet from Las Vegas to Indianapolis. Mr. Pence didn’t waste any time using his home state and the football team that represents that state as the backdrop for his bad acting. His unflattering presentation of what the office of vice-president looks like under Donald Trump is a perfect example of doing the wrong thing at the right time. If anyone had doubts about Pence before the “walkout” incident at the Colts, 49ers game, those doubts are history now. Mike Pence is nothing more than a yes man for Trump. Pence is as passive-aggressive as Donald Trump, and Pence’s passive aggressiveness just cost American taxpayers almost $250,000.

There’s a strange sense of justification in Pence’s choice to walk out of the game with reporters in tow after leaving the worst mass shooting in American history. Pence went from a consoling front man for Trump to a “had-to-be-there” fan of Peyton Manning. Manning evidently was worth the C-32’s cost of $30,290 per hour in Pence’s phony world. Pence could have gone to California from Las Vegas for his next show of Trumpism. That $37,862.50, one and half hour trip, might be a semi-reasonable cost of doing Trump’s dirty work. But the well-orchestrated plot to show the people of the United States that players who kneel during the National Anthem are un-American didn’t fool many people. The Pence performance in Indianapolis is part of the reality show presidency. And it is an expensive show to watch or believe in.

Mike Pence may be a holier-than-thou do-gooder that stands for truth, justice, and the American way, but his performance as Governor of Indiana is anything but that. People still remember Pence’s decision to restrict the rights of the LGBT community when the bakery scandal hit the press. The people of Indiana and people and corporations around the country took a hard stand against Pence and his evangelical law to discriminate without hesitation. Pence was in over his head when he was a governor and Trump knew he was. But Pence had support in Congress from other like-minded senators so Trump, in his devious approach to appointing people who want the political attention and the power, picked Pence as his front man.

But even though Trump was behind the Pence walkout scene, Pence was in his element when he made a point to shame the players who believe peaceful protests are about change, not disrespect. Those players know what it’s like to be harassed because of the color of their skin or their personal beliefs. Pence, in his off-the-rack looking blue suit, and no tie, gave the world a taste of the poor acting, bigotry, and frivolous spending. Those characteristics define the presidency of Donald Trump and the incompetence of Mike Pence.