McConnell Goes Back On Claim Of No Middle-class Tax Increases

Surprise, surprise: Senate majority leader and Republican representative from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell is, now, back-pedaling on his claim, earlier this month, that no member of the American middle-class would suffer from a tax increase under the Senate GOP tax plan. Will the GOP ever stop lying to the American people? Perhaps after middle-class citizens have marked their calendars for the GOP’s new proposal, they may also determine when enough is enough!

The Senate tax plan includes the elimination of state and local deductions, as well as a one-year delay in cutting corporate tax rates and keeping the estate tax, of course. The plan is supposed to target different levels of income, analyze the averages then turn those averages into relief for taxpayers. McConnell claims to have “misspoke” on the subject of raising taxes for the middle-class, however. The representative is now taking a 180-degree turn, implying that there will, in fact, be a tax increase and no one was ever guaranteed anything less.

“At the end of the day,” Senator McConnell told conservative radio host, Hugh Hewitt, on November 4th, “nobody in the middle class is going to a get a tax increase.”

However, the New York Times ran an analysis of the Senate’s legislation, which proved that, while the middle-class would not suffer as much compared to the recent House bill, millions of families would, in fact, see increases in their taxes. Moreover, over a quarter of all American middle-class families would see an average tax increase of $1,000 in 2018. A third would experience an average of increase of $1,600 by 2026. Needless to say, Democrats were quick to blow the whistle on McConnell.

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman, David Bergstein was among those reacting and calling the Kentucky Republican a liar, stating, “the only thing that Mitch McConnell can guarantee is he’ll stop at nothing to make sure his donors are taken care of — even if it means lying about how his donor-driven policies will hurt middle-class families.”

While watching the list of GOP atrocities grow ever longer, this news should not be surprising. Mitch McConnell, alongside the rest of the GOP and the corporations they’re all in bed with, will always line their pockets before giving a damn about the American people. They always have. Furthermore, the issues go beyond the Senate tax plan. All of the GOP’s lies and exploitation on all fronts must stop now.