Koch Brothers Launch Propaganda Machine to Promote GOP Tax Plan

The Koch brothers launched a tax plan for education which they claim helps raise the awareness for the benefit of the public. Their campaign uses grassroots concepts for the process. Phone calling and street campaigns are their primary means of this communication.

Two groups working on these campaigns were actually part of a large tax change. This change helps growth in the American economy, and provides better opportunities for employment. The only problem is that they are actually working in the opposite direction. This campaign began on January 1, 2018.

The campaign played on the television to promote this campaign as a good idea. They shared it on the radio and posted it in ads on the internet. The main theme is an idea which allows people to experience better financial prosperity. The only problem is, that is a not accurate.

The problem is the way they wrote the new laws. Most people will not be able to receive the tax deductions anymore. It’s so bad in fact, that it will destroy small business in the United States.

People that make a certain amount of money that is too low cannot itemize their taxes for 2018. Without those deductions, taxes change. They owe more money. It creates a liability for taxpayers which prevents people from starting a small business. It can also cause small business owners to shut down. The only people that can access the tax deductions to lower the bill, are those people that make enormous amounts of money. Those larger incomes can be creates a gap between the classes.

It’s easy to see that is not a plan to improve anything in the economy. It actually harms the economy and creates more poverty in the United States. The campaign is running and is collecting donations actively today. It does the opposite of what it claims to do.