Keith Olbermann Betrays America and Requests Foreign Govts to Overthrow US

Looks like Keith forgot his meds again.

Everyone in the United States of America seems to be in a panic mode after just a few months of electing a new president. Both the Republicans and the Democrats are now showing significant signs of discomfort on how their new president is handling the matters of the state and the vast destruction it is doing to the image of their country. As a result of this, a sense of un-patriotism has been developing among the citizens of America. One good example of this is the treasonous words of Keith Olbermann, a political commentator. His words shocked the whole nation even the many liberals who have been on the forefront of trying to inform most of the American people that the new president was a bad choice.

In a video a new video released recently dubbed “The Resistance” by Keith to President Donald Trump, the commentator went way too far to show his distaste towards the President way of ruling. In his video, he was bold enough to invite intelligence agencies from all over the world to release any damaging information on the President to show solidarity towards the liberal view of the President. Keith Olbermann went as far as to appeal to intelligence agencies across the world from other democratic nations to help in revealing secret information they might hold on the president.

His call was specific enough as to ask for any damaging information from videos or audio recording of the President. He pleaded with them to help save them from a President he termed incapable and cynical. That President Donald Trump posed a threat to his citizens and the interest of these other nations and world peace. Some of these intelligence agencies include GCHQ, MI-6 in the UK, the BND in Germany, the DGSE in France, the ASIS in Australia, and even to the GRU of Russia. The information he was referring to here were those that could be used to damage the reputation of the seating President. To any liberal mind this was a call for other nations to destroy America and overthrow the government and his arguments, however, genuine, were uncalled for and some people even consider this to be treasonous.

Many can agree that President Donald Trump is going against the cliques of the political norm, but it’s not enough reason for an American citizen to call for foreign governments to overthrow their own govt The presidency as stipulated by the constitution is a critical pillar that unites all Americans, and every citizen should protect it no matter what. President Donald Trump was elected to this capacity legitimately and any disagreements with his way of rule, if they do not adhere to the constitution should be voiced democratically but under the rule of law. Unconstitutional runs such as those from Keith Olbermann are very treacherous, and action should be taken against him for selling out his country by betraying the Presidency in this capacity and not because of his dislike to only one President.

Trust us, here at News Span, we oppose 90% of Trump’s policies (arming Saudi Arabia, wanting to execute a hero like Snowden, appointing Goldman Sachs and Exxon to his cabinet; etc (the list goes on and on). However, we aren’t delusional like Keith, and would never betray our country by inviting other governments to overthrow our own government.