Justice Democrats is Exactly What America Needs Right Now

Justice Dems > Corporate Dems

The corporate democrats are not exactly helping the American public. Too many times both the right and the left side of the aisle are aligning to same right wing ideology that their donors push for.

Politicians have become blinded to what the American public needs in order to survive and to prosper as we move further and further into the future. Politicians only really seem to know enough about what is needed to progress the nation as talking points for debates without really having well that out plans of action that could actually work to help everyone to get ahead and provide for their families while also looking into the future and setting forth policies that will ensure Americans can strive and will have a positive outlook well beyond today.

Justice Democrats are a new group started up by Kyle Kulinski (host of Secular Talk) as well as other co founders to help steer this country back to a place of prominence, beginning with the Democratic Party as a starting point in Washington.

Justice Democrats want to try to find strong people who will not take any corporate donations and primary the current corrupt corporate dems out of power. It is more practical to fix the democratic party by removing the current corrupt dems instead of trying to achieve the virtually impossible (making a relevant third party option).

Justice Democrats aren’t like the rest of the Democratic Party as they do not take handouts from lobbyists or corporate institutions to help lean policies in their favor. Justice Democrats are a grassroots organization looking to strengthen government within the Democratic Party with more a clean slate that is more fair to everyone and it will show in how they run for office as well as the policies made while in office to really help the American Voters who really crave a change in how politics is being run today all across the aisle.

The Justice Democrats want to utilize what they have seen from the campaigns of Bernie Sanders type of politics and really push America forward for the better of everyone. We wish both Cenk Uygur and Kyle Kulinski success with the political revolution. Below is a link to the official Justice Democrats website: