Is Joe Scarborough Being Blackmailed by the White house?

These days I find watching most mainstream media unbearable, but Morning Joe is definitely an exception. Even though I am a progressive and I know Joe is much more conservative then me, I have always been a huge fan, so this story is uniquely infuriating to me. Morning Joe is one of the last MSNBC shows with integrity. They gave fair coverage to Bernie instead of ignoring him. Even though Joe is fairly conservative, he didn’t let that bias his reporting, as he showed appropriate outrage to the misuse of super delegates during the Dem’s primary. He also isn’t a partisan hack, he reports stories accurately regarding Trump, such as exposing Trump’s lie about not cutting medicaid; and then attempting to cut $800B. Joe and Mika are wonderful people who don’t deserve these recent attacks and harassment.

They are in the news a lot lately because they did something that most people find controversial. They accused staff members of White House of using blackmail. Another thing they said was that Donald Trump lied about an encounter they had in December and that he had an obsession with their show that wasn’t good for him or America.

Brzezinski and Scarborough, who are engaged to get married, actually pushed back a vacation they had planned so they could respond to Trump’s tweets on Twitter. Trump made a tweet in connection with the supposed encounter they had in December and said that Brzezinski was bleeding badly from a facelift. He also called her crazy.

On the Friday morning episode of Morning Joe, Scarborough was talking about how many of the White House staff members warned him about an article from the National Enquirer that would make them look bad. They also said that Trump could stop the article from being published under one condition. That condition was that Scarborough had to call Trump and apologize for negative coverage they did on the administration.

He said there were 3 people who were some of the top staff members at the White House calling him and saying this stuff. He also said that they kept calling over and over to try and get him to call Trump and apologize. Scarborough didn’t want to call and apologize so he stood behind the coverage. In result of that, the National Enquirer ran the story. Another thing that happened in result to the story running is that Brzezinski’s teenage daughters got a lot of harassing phone calls.

After Scarborough didn’t call and apologize, Trump posted a tweet saying that he actually did call and asked him to stop the article. Trump also said that he refused to stop the article.

In response to all of this, the National Enquirer actually posted their own tweet. They said that, at the beginning of June, they published a story talking about Brzezinski and Scarborough’s relationship and that they didn’t threaten anyone nor did they threaten their children. They also stated that they weren’t aware of any communication between the hosts and the White House.

During the presidential campaign, Brzezinski and Scarborough were criticized because of the close relationship they had with Trump and many people thought they helped boost his candidacy. Their relationship has since been severed and Brzezinski has said she thinks he has mental issues.

The hosts also said, before Trump became president, he was able to keep himself in check but the presidency changed him. In addition to all these other tweets, Trump posted a bunch of tweets insulting Brzezinski about things like her intelligence and looks. These tweets caused people on both sides to become outraged.

The first lady, Melania Trump, has talked about standing against cyber bullying yet she didn’t say anything to stop her husband. The only thing she said is that if Trump gets attacked, he will attack back 10 times harder.