Internet Providers Will Sell Your Browsing History

Do you value your internet browsing privacy?

Do you value your internet browsing privacy? If so, you may need to take a look at the new bill that has been passed through the House of Representatives. The old laws that were implemented during the Obama administration will soon change in ways that may be for the worse. Republican law makers are paving the way for internet providers to legally sell your web browsing history and blow your privacy restrictions out of the water. While internet providers would have you believe that they are just like sites such as Google or Facebook, they are distinctly different in that those websites can not actually see your browsing history, they can only track you based on the pages you view when you click on a link they have on their sites. Your internet provider though can not only track you using that method, they can track your entire web browsing experience, no matter what site you are on.
In the past it has been stated that your internet service provider must get your permission in order to sell your browsing history or be forced to make such information anonymous before they are allowed to share it. Under the new laws, such measures will no longer be required and your browsing history will be able to be bought with your information still included with it. in a huge blow to your privacy, companies like Comcast will be able to sell your information to the highest bidder and there is nothing that even the FTC, friends that lawmakers seem to think will be able to protect consumers, will be able to do anything about it.
The bill passed the senate a week prior to being presented to the House of Representatives. There will only be a few extremely vague rules that service providers will have to follow and a generally assumed promise that they will keep the best interest of consumers at heart and not misbehave. While it seems as though it will only be maintaining the status quo, your information has been for sale for as long as web browsing history has been around, consumers may be concerned as technology becomes more and more saturated in the market with people carrying multiple devices on them at all times. That information is extremely revealing and it’s no surprise that most consumers would like to keep their reading habits private. Unfortunately for consumers Trump signed the bill once placed on his desk.