HRC & Peter Daou – Still Working on Dividing Dems With New Worthless Platform – Verrit

The election was back in November 2016....right now it is September 2017.... She just won't go away. Hillary is hellbent on being the most divisive dem of all time.

Verrit, positioned as the social media platform for the 65.8 million voters who backed Hillary Clinton, is just the latest in a line of the establishment¬† blunders. Thanks to her constant attention seeking, the 2016 nightmare election just doesn’t seem to end. True, we’re stuck with the president we have, we’re in a turbulent social climate, and everyone’s fears and insecurities are high. This should be a time of learning to live together and come together in spite differences.

Of course, Mr. Daou had to be co-founder. Everything Peter Daou has ever touched has been a failure, so it’s safe to assume Verrit will also be an embarrassing waste of time. His track record is laughable; remember he worked for John Kerry’s campaign (who lost to an incompetent war criminal named George W Bush). Bush was the demon spawn from hell who supports starting unnecessary random offensive wars for no reason against countries who never attacked us (Iraq), supports torture, believes in violating 4th amendment (Patriot Act) and ignores¬† terror threats (9/11). George W Bush had already been an abysmal president for 4 years, and Peter STILL couldn’t help John Kerry win. Let’ also not forget that Pete lead Hillary Clinton’s digital operations in 2008, when she lost to Barack Obama.

The two-time failed presidential candidate has stirred the crap pot yet again. Last Sunday night, she tweeted her endorsement for Verrit, a start-up media platform. She said that she’d already signed up, and asked that others join her. She called Verrit “a …platform for the 65.8 million”, referring to the people who earned her the popular vote. This, in fact, is what the platform itself calls itself.

Almost immediately after her tweet, the site crashed. While some might be laughing at the ridiculousness of it all, many are using it as just another way to make her into a political martyr.

Why anyone thought that a platform based on and catered toward Hillary voters was a good idea is beyond many, as she and President Trump were two of the most disliked candidates to ever run for office. The proof of such claims? Most candidates who lose the election gain temporary support after the votes are cast. In stead, Mrs. Clinton found that her approval continues to decline.

And as with her counterpart, President Trump, she just can’t seem to quit beating dead horses. Her record is set to repeat pretty regularly; She lost because of sexism, the FBI investigation, Russia with its cyberattacks… It seems that one thing Clinton is good as it playing the victim.

Verrit makes it even easier for her, as it not just continues her narrative of victimhood, but finds all new people and causes to blame. Such as Bernie Sanders, who gracefully backed her at the Democratic National Convention, voter suppression (even though more people voted in 2016 than they did in 2012), and – get this – the media (who covered Clinton much more favorably than President Trump).

Still, it may not seem like a big deal, but this is actually just another bit of evil she is putting out into the world. By continuing to feed into the popularity of giving people only news that suits their tiny little viewpoints rather than true, honest news that gives genuine facts, she is just endorsing a growing movement of stupidity; of willing ignorance.

By continuing to polarize the Left, she continues to ensure the success of the Right, who already hold so much power today. Hillary Clinton refuses to go away, which scares me of a potential 2020 run. I am sure Peter Daou would love this; he is basically the leader of the Hillary cult, he speaks about her, as if Hillary Clinton is a religion.

This tweet is so insane I also have a screen shot below, since it sounds so ludicrous, it may actually end up getting deleted some day.