HRC New Book – What Happened?

Hilary Clinton reflects on What Happened to her presidential Campaign, in her new book What Happened?

Whereas it is befitting that Hillary Clinton has written a memoir about the 2016 US presidential campaign, it does little to calm the queries that arise from her failure to clinch the top seat. In fact, the memoir asks and pretends to answer a question to which Clinton and company have the answers to, What Happened?
In answering this question, it must be understood that Clinton had all the resources (funding + media coverage) to stop Donald Trump from getting anywhere close to the perimeter walls of The White House. Unfortunately, the memoir comes too late and there might not be enough mediums for Clinton to chastise herself from this failure.

The last eight months have been a busy season for Clinton as she tries to clear the air. However, the more she attempts to cleanse her image, the murkier the road becomes. One sure thing nonetheless is that the blame still lies squarely on her, her campaign and the Democratic Party at large.
But even as Clinton attempts to shift blame and focus by reflecting on what really happened, the misfortunes of the Trump administration continue to show why he was the most unfortunate choice the American people were presented with. Interrogating the circumstances that led to his ascension to power shows a series of malpractices that would have been stopped through certain intervention measures.

The fact is for both candidates, the chances were quite close. For this reason, there was no reason to leave anything to chance. In fact, to a good extent, Trump used all the criticism he could lay his hands, head, and eyes on to damage Clinton.  Had she and the Democratic party done some though homework, they would have realized the weight she carried to run while under an investigation by the FBI?

In the end, her campaign found a way to waste $1 billion dollars. She assumed for reason voters in Michigan and Wisconsin owed her their vote, since she made minimal effort to campaign in those two states. She lost in 2008 and now 2016. There is no excuse for failing to beat Trump (one of the most disliked politicians in history). She is by far the worst candidate of all time. Writing a book no one will read, won’t fix anything. The best thing she can do for the democrats, is to keep out of the spotlight and let trusted people become the new party leaders, such as Nina Turner and Tulsi Gabbard.