Howard Dean Tries to Destroy Free Speech

Ask yourself, Howard Dean, would you want someone dictating what you can say and what you cannot?

*Let us start off this discussion with a disclaimer: While News Span is of course classified as a progressive media analyst site, we disagree with nearly every view point of people such as Ann Coulter & Milo Yiannopoulos. However we are strong advocates of absolute 100% free speech and defend this right for everyone including the opposite side of the spectrum (right wing extremist). Even when disagreeing with some one, we will adamantly defend your right to free speech. We prefer to debate those we disagree with and prove them wrong, but would never consider hindering anybodies speech rights. Now onto the article:

According to written by Guy Benson, Howard Dean former governor of the state, believes that “hate speech” is not protected by The First Amendment of the Constitution. It suggests that Dean wants The First Amendment changed. “Many Democrats have habitually demonstrated their disdain for religious freedom and speech protections when they conflict with their secular-statist governing project,” according to Guy Benson. He also states, “Senate Democrats proposed amending the First Amendment to curtail political speech in 2014. Basically “hate speech” is wrong, and we should change the Constitution because it doesn’t fit anymore.

The United States and all of its citizens are righted by law to voice their opinion. The First Amendment proves that statement. We might be protected by The Constitution to express our opinion, but that doesn’t mean we need to make it a law to keep people from their voice. We have rights, and that is why we have the constitution in the first place. In reality, it’s not nice to play mean and say things we shouldn’t. Only God corrects us for those mistakes, not the government. And anyone who says we cannot voice our opinion under The Constitution is clearly wrong.

Ask yourself, Howard Dean, would you want someone dictating what you can say and what you cannot? If we start changing things in the constitution, then all of our Amendments would be subject to change, and that wasn’t the design. Our law was made to be fair, and about freedom, it was clearly a thought out plan designed to safeguard everyone even if some views are not agreeable. It doesn’t matter what you call it, “hate speech” or “freedom of speech,” they are the same according to our laws, and we need to protect that. Rules don’t change just because someone got their feelings hurt or someone said something that wasn’t appropriate. We all need structure and guidance; the Constitution gives us that. Without rules to follow our government could be in trouble. Eventually, rights would be taken away with more in-house wars than this country could handle. The Constitution needs to stay the way it is. It was good enough for our four fathers and has always guided us through time. Some rules are meant to stay for a reason and changing them is making more room for bigger mistakes. No one wants someone taken over their freedom even Howard Dean.