Have We Forgotten? New Poll Shows Majority Of Democrats With Favorable View Of George W. Bush

It is a statistic that had to at one point be unimaginable, but apparently more than half of Democrats now have a favorable view of former President George W. Bush. This surprising poll result has many in the political world scratching their heads and wondering if Democrats have so quickly forgotten about the many disasters under the Bush Administration.

At this moment, it appears that current distractions and rudeness out of the Trump Administration has many Democrats longing for the days of George W. Bush. A few rude tweets and press conferences, and the Left is ready to embrace someone who did so much worse. It is a truly disappointing poll for those who care about liberal values.

Bare in mind that the 43rd President of the United States clung on to an approval rating that was only in the mid to high 20s when he left office. That was his approval among the whole country, his ratings with Democrats were much lower. That is what makes this reversal in fortunes so particularly stunning.

Some have attributed the change to the fact that the former President offered a rebuke of the current President in a speech that he delivered recently. That certainly excited many Democrats, but apparently it also helped them forget about the mistakes of the Bush Administration as well.

It is vital to remember that the largest terrorist attack in United States history occurred while George W. Bush was President. That was followed up by an invasion of a country that had nothing to do with the attack. The invasion of Iraq left thousands of American soldiers dead, and as many of one-million innocent Iraqi citizens dead as well. It has been an incredibly bloody war, and a costly one in terms of lives and wealth. Still, the President who got this all kicked off is now having a rebound in popularity with what is supposed to be the opposition party.

Obviously, the current Administration is not one that is popular with Democrats at all (and increasingly unpopular with the entire country), but that does not give Democrats free reign to throw their support and favorable views to those who have harmed this country so greatly. President Trump says so many of the things that are offensive to liberal values, but President George W. Bush actually attacked many of those things. It is a shame that the blinders have been put on all that just because George W. Bush said some sensible things about President Trump.

Rather than applauding the former President, Democrats ought to be saying “its about time!”.