GOP snowflakes triggered by certain words and need a safe space – Lets abolish free speech of the CDC

The CDC Has Been Banned From Using Specific Words By The Trump Administration

For the US Centers for Disease Control there were seven words which cannot be used for the budget of 2019. The Washington D.C. Trump International Hotel projected these words last night. The words beamed on the building were evidence-based, vulnerable, transgender, diversity, entitlement, science-based and fetus. Robin Bell and the HRC, or Human Rights Campaign became partners to make a declaration for the LGBTQ community. The HRC is an LGBTQ advocacy based out of D.C.

According to the lighted message from the Trump administration, we will not be erased. The CDC could not believe the administration was placing limits on them. One analyst questioned if the administration was serious or kidding. Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald is the Director of the CDC, and tweeted that although the administration banned specific words from their budget documents, the agency could still use them for other purposes. She stated they remain committed to protecting the country from health threats, and their work will not change.

The replacement words offered stated the CDC bases scientific recommendations on the wishes and standards of the community opposed to evidence or science-based. Some of the other banned words currently have no suggestions for replacement. The New York Times was told by a former federal official the CDC was not limited by the ban from what they could say to the public through announcements and research documents. He believes this is a strategy to get funding for the budget.

A powerful protest display by the CDC is expected at the Trump hotel in D.C. tonight. The LGBTQ community has declared they will not allow the administration to erase words such as diversity and transgender. Congress and additional agencies also received the documents. Trump’s move was called Orwellian and absurd by the same former federal official. Spokesman Matt Lloyd stated his agency is encouraging the usage of evidence and outcome evidence in budget decisions and program evaluations. No guidance was received by the Food and Drug Administration, and the agency is additionally under HHS. There will be a march of thousands in the LGBT rights parade against Donald Trump.

The banning of the seven terms fits an HHS pattern. In March, an elderly Americans survey eliminated two sexual orientation and gender identity questions. The results of the survey were published in an important statistical report identifying the challenges of the elderly regarding healthcare, employment, housing, and numerous issues. The CDC has declared it is not possible for the HIV virus to be transmitted by individuals on medication. Information regarding how LGBTQ Americans can attain help if they become sex trafficking victims, or how to adopt children was also scrubbed from the website. According to the Trump administration, the survey was not changed. The words diversity and fetus were definitely banned by the Trump administration.

The move of the administration is sending a message through the government. All mentions of the climate change term were additionally deleted recently by the website and all documents of the Environmental Protection Agency.