Doctors Drug-Test Everyone for No Reason?

This is the most un-American anti freedom idea ever concocted, might as well resurrect Mao at this rate.

Dr. Robert DuPont is currently introducing ideas on fighting the drugs war. Attorney General Jeff Sessions want doctors to test drugs regularly and make it part of their primary medical care. They should go ahead and force consumers into treatment against their wish.

Robert DuPont held a meeting with Sessions and discussed federal moves for handling prompt liberalization of state marijuana provisions. DuPont is among the most influential and reputable drug warriors in the region. The 81-year-old started his profession as a drug control liberal in the 1970s. He advocated for the decriminalization of possession of marijuana. In 1971, he founded methadone treatment program for heroin, Washington, D.C.

DuPont presented his marijuana report during his meeting with Sessions. The proposal had radical ideas concerning effects of marijuana on drivers. In 2010, a national model bill called on law enforcing teams to test any driver suspected of driving under the influence of any substance. The bill exempts drivers who use prescribed medicines. The law is applicable even to states that have legalized marijuana.

The Congress enacted the Controlled Substance Act to regulate and restrict various drugs like marijuana. Lauren Ehrsam, DOJ spokesperson stated that driving under the influence of marijuana negatively affects many skills needed for safe driving and it is dangerous. The DuPont project aims at expanding the usage of drug-test technology to pick out consumers. Prosecution threats compel the convicts to seek treatment.

During an interview with The Daily Beast, DuPont highlighted the right ways to handle the overdose crisis affecting the Americans. He talked of their intentions of introducing the drug screens in all medicine. The medical expert encouraged the health-care field to approach addiction as they do for diabetes. Doctors must consider checking for illicit drugs whenever a patient visits their premise. DuPont explained about his goal of promoting greater accountability and long-term results in the treatment sector.

Dr. DuPont proposal outlined about giving medical providers power to compel suspected abusers into treatment even if they are not willing to take the therapy. The treatment involves monitoring and random drug test within a specified period. He advocated for the adoption of the criminal-justice system according to the New Paradigm.

DuPont has a strong connection to the drug testing industry. In the 1970s, Mr. DuPont worked for Nixon and Ford and he became the drug czar nationwide. He serves as the director of National Institute on Drug Abuse and he made sure that suspects took the drug test and sent all individuals who fail back to jail.

DuPont joined the Drug Enforcement Administration head, Pete Bensinger, after resigning from the federal service and the two joined forces to promote urine testing. They established Bensinger, DuPont & Associates to offer drug testing services to American corporations.

DuPont recommended for mandatory drug testing to both adults and children for the welfare of recipients as required by the Heritage Foundation. In 1991, he co-authored research with Psychemedics firm founder to promote the hair testing technology. DuPont supported the use of hair test method in federal workplaces.