Democrats Should Forget About the Russia-Trump Narrative

Message to Dems: Focus on single payer health care if you want to win, NOT Russian conspiracies!

Some Democrats are finally waking up to the reality that focusing on Russia is hurting them. This has been proven by surveys conducted by different institutions showing that voters are getting tired of the Russia-Trump narrative. It cannot be denied that Democrats have been very vocal since Donald Trump was elected to as the 45th President of the United States at the end of 2016.

Denial of a Genuine Presidency:

Since Donald Trump beat the Democrat presidential candidate, the Democrats have utilized every opportunity to highlight the non-existent evidence that Trump conspired with the Russians in order to secure a win for the Republicans. President Trump has been subjected to more scrutiny for his Russia connections, instead of his harmful and dangerous policies such as arms deals with Saudi Arabia.

The Democrats have utilized every opportunity to highlight any dealings that Trump may have had with Russian citizens long before he expressed any interest in politics. Currently reasonable Democrats have seen the light and believe that the Russia-Trump narrative is dead.

This group of Democrats believes that the voters are more concerned with important issues such as jobs, education, health care, and security. They also believe that focusing on Russia is only pushing voters to the right in regards to political stances. They suggest that the only way the Democrat party will survive in the 2018 election is by changing the message and focusing on things that matter to Americans.

More Losses:

Following Tuesday’s loss in Georgia, the Democrats are realizing that they need to change their message. This was the fourth loss since Donald Trump took office. Tim Ryan notes that the party lacks a message that resonates with the voters in readiness for the 2018 special elections. Rep. Tim Walz is aspiring to run for governor in 2018. He has stated that voters do not care about Russia as much as the Democrats wish they did.

Since President Trump was sworn in, many rumors have engulfed Capitol Hill to the extent that the Justice Department formed a special counsel to lead the third probe. The Democrats have done everything in their power to keep the spotlight on the investigations which have proved nothing. Unwittingly, some Democrats such as Elijah Cummings have suggested creating an independent panel to start the fourth investigation similar to the one created after 9/11.

Opinion Poll:

The recent Harvard-Harris poll showed that 58% of Democrats are concerned that the president could have dealings with Moscow. However, 73% of them are much more worried that Congress is not tackling things that really matter to them and their families due to the Trump-Russia focus. The voters have realized that the Congress spends most of its time debating the Russia narrative instead of improving the country.

Some Democrats such as Rep. Matt Cartwright have defended their lack of interest in the Russia-Trump narrative stating that he was tackling what his constituents care about. The Democrats cannot hope to gain any victories in future if they continue to focus on issues that the voters do not care about.