Democrats Being Hypocritical About Election Interference (Double Standard)

The USA Has Continually Interfered in Foreign Elections

The Trump Administration seems to be under fire a lot recently, especially with regards to the Russian issue of interfering with U.S. elections. But despite whether there is truth or not to this issue, we should first consider how the U.S. has tried to interfere with the elections of other countries. Yes, that is right, there is proof that the U.S. has also tried to influence political election outcomes, and that evidence comes from the Obama administration no less.
The Obama Administration has been exceedingly hypocritical. Their excessive accusations of the Russian attempt to influence U.S. elections is a bit harsh, especially if we take into account the similar activity the Obama administration tried to take on in 2015. It was here that Obama also seem to have overstepped his role in global politics.

During the winter of 2015. according to the Permanent subcommittee on investigations, a division of the US Senate, the state department gave More than $300,000 in grant money to a political group in Israel. The purpose was to build a campaign to influence their Israelis so they would vote against the conservative nominee Benjamin Netanyahu in the spring 2015 prime minister election.

We must emphasize that this was money used to influence the outcome of another country’s elections. and what was the reason? simple! Obama personally did not like Bibi Netanyahu. no, in 2017 the question is:

What is the difference? The only difference between the Obama Administration and the Russian issue is that Obama made it clear that money was being sent through the state department to influence the outcome of the elections in Israel whereas Russia did not inform us of its alleged influence. And we must point out that there is still no evidence that proves that the Russians were involved in the elections.

During the last four years of the Obama Administration the Secretary of State, John Kerry, promised that a peace plan for the Palestinians and the Israelis was in the works. In the end, the Obama Administration, including John Kerry left office with no solid Peace solution, despite having funneled more than $300,000 into an Israeli political campaign to bring about this peace.


Now the Trump Administration is left with the problem of the UN and telling them that they are no longer needed, and need to find a new home.This new Administration needs to see the incompetence of the UN and cease supporting it immediately.