Chechnya Homophobia

Ramzan Kadyrov is the leader of Chechnya and has sparked so much fury and rage for persecuting homosexuals. He has created concentration camps to torture homosexuals, forcing them to leave the republic. LGBT rights activists are joining forces to help rescue these innocent individuals. Sadly the Russian Government has seemed to turn the other cheek and is not taking responsibility to protect their citizens. Ramzan is a dangerous individual who has carried out violent campaigns against other groups in the past. Ramzan’s current goal is to have homosexuals eliminated from the area by the start of Ramadan. He was quoted as saying ‘I hope the House will be fully united in giving the strongest possible siren message to Russia, and to Chechnya in particular, that this kind of activity is beyond contempt and not acceptable in the world in which we live.’

Chechnya, Russia is so highly conservative there are several limits and rules they have put forth on their citizens. Women cannot discuss pregnancy in front of men and holding hands is not acceptable. Being gay is the biggest sin that taints the entire family. Chechnya is essentially creating a potentially if not already, hostile environment of men who are raised macho and taught to not show emotion. If you are not a man who will fight to the death, then according to them you are not a man at all. The biggest insult to them is to call a man a woman.

Ramzan Kadyrov has spent a decade trying to make Chechnya a place of obedience. He believes that being gay is a form of disobedience. By back-lashing against homosexuals in such a violent way this is proving their masculinity. The sad thing is, once a gay person is ‘outed’ to the public there is no going back. They have no one they can turn to for support and no place to go. In return they are threatened, beaten and rejected by their own society. Sadly those who disagree are to afraid to speak up and protest. If you were to speak up you would be punished publicly and privately. The west needs to step up and prove their devotion to liberal values. They should help provide safety zones and refuge to those that are being persecuted with no where to go. Many in the LGBTQ organizations around the world are helping to aid and evacuate homosexuals from Chechnya.