Bill Maher is Correct in supporting Ann Coulter’s Freedom of Speech

Ann Coulter, who is notorious for her republican stance was removed from a speech she was to have at the site of Berkeley Campus on April 27 because Administration at the school felt that her leanings on the republican side went against what the students and the staff at the school believe in. The speech was rescheduled for May 2 when the University will be having exams and the majority of students wouldn’t have time to make it for her speech because they would be too busy with studies and school work.

Bill Maher, who is very much on the liberal side of the aisle couldn’t believe that Berkeley would cancel her speech because she doesn’t have the same views of the school sees a grave danger in doing what Berkeley officials have done in in this day and age when free speech seems to be more at risk than they ever have been throughout history.

Bill Maher has blasted Berkeley for cancelling her speech and sees this happening not just at Berkeley but at many schools throughout the nation and even considers this as a liberal version of book burnings in America and he says it has to stop now.

Both conservatives and liberals are waging war against each other with actions on both sides that are against the very meaning of democracy in America. The President of The United States takes to Twitter calling media out saying that they are spreading “fake news” when this tactic is very Orwellian and even says these things in public speeches even going so far as to denying the free press access to his time for questions.
While on the liberal side they want to shut down speakers like Ann Coulter appearing at their events such as on the Berkeley campus and not give her a space to give a speech on her points of views by doing things like cancelling of her speech at Berkeley.
These types of actions on both sides are very undermining of The First Amendment and neither is steeped in reality. It is basically saying that you are right only if you believe in what I believe in and that can never be the case when it comes to The First Amendment and free speech.

Maher has shown disgust in the way both sides are acting in regards to free speech by pointing out that both sides have misinterpreted the meanings of The First Amendment to better suit each sides needs and agendas and not looking at exactly what The First Amendment really means.

This type of behavior as with what has happened on the campus of Berkeley is creating a delusional atmosphere for the students on campus because it is not what is going on in the real world and it is very dangerous to put this kind of attitude into their students as well as many other people across this nation.