Bernie Sanders – The Free Speech Advocate That We Need

Bernie Senders is of the opinion that every politician and person is entitled to freedom of expression and speech...and he is right.

The recently concluded US elections attracted a lot of reaction from politicians and members of the public across the world. One notable politician is Bernie Senders who spoke passionately about his liberal policies and how they would bring change to the United States of America. He is an astute member of the Democratic Party and has been serving as a senator in the previous Barack Obama’s administration. Bernie Senders is of the opinion that every politician and person is entitled to freedom of expression and speech. As such, he is a critic to the oppressive nature that is accorded speakers of a different opinion and fights for equal opportunity for expression. He was categorical in criticizing the University of California-Berkeley when they tried denying Ann Coulter from delivering her speech. Though they have different ideological perspective, he still thinks that is important to treat speakers equal.

He goes on to say that opposing speakers is a sign of intellectual weakness and people should be allowed to give their speech without fear of intimidation and victimization. Speaking to the Huffington post, Bernie Senders said that the security threat depicted on Ann Coulter was unlawful and an act of intimidation and victimization that made her speech to be postponed. Speaking at a rally in Omaha, he retaliated that the right to expression is enshrined in the constitution and people have the right to give two-cents-worth of speech. The university officials were concerned with the security of the students because they anticipated that chaos would erupt after the speech. As such, the speech that was meant for 27 April has been rescheduled for another convenient date.

The police have received information that demonstrators were planning to storm the university during the delivery of the speech. Specifically, the demonstrators were targeting Ann Coulter who has continued to insist that her speech will be held on 27 April. The university authorities, however, allowed the speech to be delivered on 2 May but this met resistance from Ann Coulter. She is arguing that the date set is likely to affect the number of students attending the speech since it will be in the afternoon. Many students are busy reading for their final examination and this has brought the conflict of interest and the parties are threatening to take legal action.

The conservative speech held at Berkeley has received resistance and opposition from left-wing Trump critics who have always clashed on sight. Many liberals like Bernie Senders believe that disruption of speech is counterproductive and wrongheaded. He, however, proposes measures to be taken when interacting with such speakers where, for you to pin them down, you need to ask them difficult and tough questions. He says the image being portrayed in such acts is of people who are well informed and vast with intellectual integrity.